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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Jeg har blitt tagget av Marte (tusen takk, vennen). Her er mitt bidrag:

4 Jobs I’ve had: Waitress in several hotels in Norway, secretary in an American Oil Company (in Norway), seller in a boutique for womens clothes, my own boss in my own company!
4 movies I’ve seen: Atonement, Rattatouille, SOS Svartskjær, The Golden Compass
4 places I’ve been: Sydney (Australia), Auckland (New Zealand), Bangkok (Thailand), Beijing (China)
4 places I’ve lived: Okpo (South Korea), Trondheim (Trøndelag), Nice (France), Marseille (France)
4 tv program’s I watch: Hearbeat, Desperate Housewives, Midsomer Murders, ... (I don't watch TV much)
4 radioshows: P4s Radiofrokost, Mikael Direkte, ... (I don't remember all the programms, but I listen to P4 when I listen to the radio)
4 favourite foods: Chocolate cake, Chicken Tikka Masala, Lasagne, blue cheese
4 place’s I’d rather be: Paris, Rome, London, in a huge crafts shop in the U.S.)
4 Next Victims: Gunnhild, Inger Marie, Anita, Elisabeth (There’s no obligation it’s just for fun.)

Takk for meg idag.

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