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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Old cards 1

This is a birthdaycard I made before I went on holiday. My youngest son had to go to a birthday-party, and I was really busy doing other things. But I had some images I had already stamped and coloured so it was kind of easy peasy to "throw" something on a card. I was afraid it maybe turned out a bit to childish for a ten years old boy, but my son said it was okey...
The text above the image is a stamp from Lissie Design, the text on the right side is from Ditten&Datten. The papers and the stickers are from Karen Foster (I think). The left side is a sticker-tag from Karen Foster. You can put a money-note in the top behind the tag. The left side has a small square from Karen Foster's paper.
The back turned out very easy. I didn't have the time to make up something more fancy than this :) The text is a stamp from Ditten& Datten. The frame around the text is from 7Gypsies.

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