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Monday, August 25, 2008

Candies from Karin

I have completely forgotten to tell you about the candies I received from Karin. I won her blog candy some weeks ago, and last week I received all the crafty goodies!! I got approximately 20-25 stamped images from both Magnolia and hÄnglar & stÄnglar, a lot of flowers, leaves, buttons, brads, ribbons, patterned papers and a set of alphabet stamps. And on top of that she had made me this cute card (see the top of the pic.)

I have already started to colour some of the images, and I have used a lot of the brads and flowers. But still there's plenty left!! I am really enjoying myself now-a-days :) Thank you, Karin!!! I love the candies I got from you :)

1 comment:

Nice said...

Before 31. Aug or untill with 31.Aug???????
Yeasterday it was the housewifeday. So it was not fair the candy ends yesterday. Clean the house, wash an do all they nice housewifethings, i don`t like.

I`ve made cards *giggel*.

Because i must do erverything that very much people (the knows me)comes to my blook and read about the suprise for someone. So i can`t be here.

So now i aks me if i`m a winner or a looser *lol*.

( I don`t understand my englishteacher. She told me that my english is so horrible ........ my censorship was better that i don`t stay one year with here. I think, i understand my english very much. Hihihihihihi)