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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New card again

I haven't had the time to update my blog lately. We have had some visitors staying at our home, and it has been so nice!! But now they have left, and I have tidied my house and I can sit down in front of my computer :)

This is a card someone asked me to make for them. It's one of thow "envelope-cards" I have made a lot of earlier :) On the front I have printed out the text which says "To our dear sister". I used the paper Damask from Autumn Leaves to decorate both the front and the back. (I sell it in my store/web-shop

On the inside I have used a swirl from Stempelglede in the "corners", the tag on top and on the right side. The stamp with the hikingshoes is from Kort&Godt Hobby, the text on the tag is from Norsk Stempelblad, the text beside the dancing lady, the text on the lower part and the glass of wine are from KH Design. All of those stamps you can find in my store/web-shop ( The dancing lady (which is one of my favourite stamps) is from Art Impression. The back with a personal stamp from Scrapmagasinet. I just love this stamp!
Well, I hope you have enjoyed visiting my blog! Please feel free to leave a comment :)

1 comment:

Nice said...

The stil of your card is great. I love the colours. And the old Lady is fantastic!