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Thursday, August 07, 2008

ScrappeMania challenge - Et lite ord #3

This my contribution to ScrappeMania's challenge Et lite ord #3 which is due tonight.

These are some pictures from January this year. My family and I went outside in the lovely new snow. It was light and it was quite a lot of it. It was soooo beautiful. Really idyllic! And that's the challenge in ScrappeMania, to make a LO with the word 'idyll'. My word is 'Vinteridyll'. Some snowcrystal-buttons with glitterglue on top.
I got these felt snowcrystals from a present one of my sisters gave me or one of my boys for Christmas one year (last?). This was the right occasion to use them. I love it when I actually manage to use one of all the things I save 'just in case'.
I hope the weather is changing again soon. It has become chillyer and chillyer for everyday lately. I shouldn't have complained when we had the nice sunny days!!! It is too early for the autumn to have started already :(

Hope you all have a nice evening. I am going home soon. My oldest brother and his family are coming for a short visit tonight. I am really looking forward to that!!! :)

Bye-bye for now :)

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