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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sukkersøtt #4 again

Here's my second attempt for challenge #4 on Sukkersøtt's blog. It is the same size as last time, 8x8cm. I have three ribbons, one behind the flower, one on right side edge, and one at the bottom. Okey, it's not a ribbon but a lace, but I do hope this is okey anyway :) And I have also a tiny "ribbon-flower"on left side of the text.
My three brads are one in the middle of the flower and two hearts beside the text.
I have used some old wrappings again, this time white and black.Almost the same inside as last card. Just a different corner swirl stamp. I have coloured everything to give it a feeling of being joined together with the front.The back was made easy again.
Have a nice day, and thank you for visiting my blog :)


Maya said...

Herlighet for ett lekkert kort!
Og hjørneswirlen var rett å slett nydelig!

Klemmer fra Maya

Anonymous said...

This is very beautiful!

crumble said...

very beautiful !!