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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Award, tagging and blog candy

Today I haven't got a new card to show you, but I have something to 'say' anyway.

When I went for a walk with the dog this morning I stepped outside just when the first snowflakes started to come. During our half an hour of walking it came so much snow that it was about 2 cm on the ground. Now at 9 am, about two hours later, it is more than 10 cm out there!! And it is still snowing!! Brrrrr! My boys were thrilled when they could walk in snow on their way to school!

Swedish Camilla has a blog candy to give away! This is a must to check out for all those Magnolia-lovers. Check it out here. Camilla is making the most beautiful cards so you should check out the rest of her blog as well.

I've been tagged by both Karin and Joanna so I guess I just have to reveal some of those nasty secrets I'm carrying :)

Things I love:
1. I love to cuddle up in my chair with a cup of hot chocolate or tea and a good book to read.
2. I love to relaxe at home with lots of crafting to do.
3. I love to prepare for Christmas.
4. I love to share a good meal with my family and my friends.
5. I love to go for a walk with my family on Sundays.
6. I love to take photos of everything.

Things I don't love:
1. I don't love to plan a dinner or to make dinners at all.
2. I don't love to go skiing.
3. I don't love to put on my swimming costume.
4. I don't love to clean my house, or my office.
5. I don't love to listen to negative persons talking.

Favorite foods/drinks:
1. Chocolate cakes
2. Cappuccino
3. Chicken Tikka Masala
4. Bin 555 (redwine from Australia's Wyndham Estate)
5. Caesar Salad

Songs on your Ipod/Playlist (I haven't got neither an Ipod nor a Playlist):
1. Any song of Katie Mehlua
2. Any song of Norah Jones
3. Any song of Michael Bublé
4. Any song of A-ha
5. Any song at all ;)

And that's it! Phew! It's not easy to write down anything about myself. I'm just me, I haven't really thought about myself!

Now I have to find some persons to ask to tell about themselves. There are so many out there I would love to know more about. But let me see.... well, I think I will tag Heather, Vanessa, Maya and Hanne.

I also received another award! Thank you very much, Hege-Annie!

Since I've already given it away a couple of times before I've decided to give to all of you visiting my blog and who haven't yet got it. So go ahead and grab it!!! You really deserve it, for you make my day when you visit my blog. Specially if you leave a message when you are here, because then I know that you have been here and then I'll visit your blog!!

Have a nice day! I hope you can come to visit my blog soon!

Hugs, Kristin :)


Heather's Creations said...

Thankyou for tagging me Kristin! I have never been very good at talking about myself so it will be a challenge :0)
Thankyou for thinking of me :0)
**Hugs** Heather x

p.s it is very cold here too and we have chance of snow, my fingers are hurting all the time with how cold it is. Keep warm my friend :0)

Daniela/Neliz said...

Ooh, i want snow! Please send some here :P
Hugs, Daniela (

kate said...

Gratulerer så masse med award:)

Ha en fin torsdag:)
Klem fra Kate:)

kate said...

Ps. her har sneen latt vente på seg,og jeg er glad til, liker ikke snøen, syns vinteren er såå kald....


nessy said...

oh thankyou kristin ~will have to think about those answers ~looking at yours mine would be very much the same!!
send us some snow ~lewis has never played in snow before!!
vanessa xx

Mona Underdal Loktu said...

Hei, tenkte jeg skulle stikke innom og hilse på. Masse flott på denne siden da C")
Vi sees i kveld ... hehe

Karin said...

Hi Kristin,

great to learn a little bit more about you.
Thanks for sharing this.

Have a nice evening.
xoxo Karin

PS: I'm glad we don't have that much snow. I love it when it's fresh, but a few hours later it will turn into dirt.

Sommerfugl said...

Takk for fin kommentar på bloggen min:)
Likte godt fargene du har brukt på julekortet ditt, rett og slett lekkert;)

Maya said...

Takk for taggingen!
Har da endelig fått rota meg til å svare på den :)

Ha en flotters mandag,
klem fra Maya :)