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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Friendshipcard, new DT-membership and Eba's blog candy

I was asked to make a card for a girl turning 12. She wanted to have a birthdayparty inviting nine girls and that they could do something fun together. They asked me if I could make a card easy enough for them to make on their own (the mum is not into cardmaking :)). I made this card for them to look at, and then I made ten bags containing all the carton, paperbits and ribbon they needed to make it. Everything was cut to the right size since I didn't want them to use to much time figuring out what to cut to which size (and what if they cut something wrong?!). But they had to cut out the scalloped, brown cardstock on the front (I had already stamped the text onto the right side of the cardstock). The text translates "Life is wonderful with a friend like you!" and is a stamp from Ditten & Datten. The image is a stamp from Stampavie designed by Rachelle Anne Miller. Designpaper from 3ndypapir. Yellow cardstock is Bazzill's Corduroy. On the inside they had to cut out the frame around the text (which was already stamped). And the could draw the fake stitching on the white paper if they'd like.
The "Handstamped by" text was already stamped, so all they had to do was to cut out around the frame.
After the birthdayparty the girl and her mum came to see me. They told me that it had been a huge success. All the invited girls and the birthdaygirl had enjoyd making the card, and they had used 1 1/2 hours to make it!!

I am so glad this turned out well because in two weeks time I am making cards for another birthdayparty. I had planned to make two cards for the new party, but after the feedback from the first party I think I'll end up making only one card. I have to talk with the mum and the new birthdaygirl first :)

I have an announcement to make; I've become a new DT member!! This time for Karin's new challenge blog 'Just Christmas and Birthdaycards'. I'm thrilled to join the rest of the creative ladies in the team. If you want to know more about the team and the challenge blog please look to the right, in my sidebar, I have put links to all the DT's blogs and the challenge blog itself as well.
I wish you all a great autumn day! I have a day off, and will sit in my craftsroom to make some DT cards ;) and a card for a customer. Hopefully I'm able to join some of the challenges into one card (I love it when I manage to do that!)
I want to tell you about a blog candy in Eba's blog. She is giving away a lot of handcrafted goodies from Heklesjappa (which is a shop for lots of crocheted and embroidered things). It ends 1st November.
Ta ta for now!
Ooops! I'll just remind you of my blog candy. You can still enter if you haven't done so already :)


Camilla said...

Kjempeflott kort!! Og så lurt med kortlaging i bursdagsselskap!! Kjempegøy!:)
Og gratulerer med DT-plassen!! Det blir gøy å følge med på;)
Ha en fin dag!
Klemmer fra Camilla.

Heidi said...

Nydelig kort Kristin og kjempeide med kortlaging ja.Gratulerer også med DT jobb gleder meg til å se hva som kommer

Kjempeklem fra

Heidi said...
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Heidi said...

Det var bare meg som klarte å poste det samme to ganger!

Klem igjen

Rosette said...

I'm SO happy for you! Very well deserved, cause your cards are a beauty to see!! :)

Karin said...

This is such a beatuiful card Kristin and we are so pleased you are joining us on the challenge. hugs Linda x


Whoops Kristin, I forgot to sign out of the challenge blog, I left the last message not Karin, sorry!! linda x

oheidia said...

Du - dette var en god ide! Tusen takk! Når Jenny skal ha bursdag neste gang skal jeg jammen gjøre det samme - lurt å gjøre ferdig små poser med stash på forhånd. Flott og enkelt kort! Ikke rart det ble en suksess!

eba said...

Hei! Så gøy med kortlaging i bursdagsselskap! Kjempeide!
Takk for at du er med på blogcandyen, og lykke til! ;)

kate said...

Enda et alldeles nyyydelig kort fra deg:) Du er superflink!
Gratulerer med DT-plassen; det er såå spennende å følge med på hva du lager:)

Ha en fin kveld,
klem fra Kate:)

Valems said...

This is such a beautiful card. Congratulations on becoming a DT-member.


Maya said...

Gratulerer så masse med DT-plassen!
Hipp hipp hurra! :)
Gleder meg til å følge med på hva som skjer der!

Og nyydelige kort du har laget!
Og jammen hadde du rett med hensyn til innlegget mitt ;)
Tusen hjertelig takk!
Ha ei knall helg,
klem fra Maya :)