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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Invitation and placecard

I made this invitation and placecard for a customer. She wanted something for a New year's eve-party.

I have used a giftwrapping-paper as background on both the card and the placecard. It is silver and black but it doesn't show well on the photo. The clock is illustrating the change from the old year to the new year :) It's a stamp from Magnolia's christmas clubkit. It was a hazzle to cut out, but I only had to make four invitations so I thought it was okey. The champagnebottle is a stamp from KH Design. The champagnebottle is a stamp from Magnolia's summer clubkit. The text is a stamp from Ditten & Datten. I have made some cards for a Christmas bazaar my boys' school band is arrangeing tomorrow. I'll show them to you later. I have some troubles with my back and shoulder/arm so I can't sit by the computer as much as I would love to.

I hope you all have a nice day.

Hugs, Kristin :)


Torill said...

det bakgrunnsarket var jo knall da!!! Alt kan brukes vet du!
Ha ei super helg!

Pia said...

Wow så flot

eba said...

så flotte de var! stilige!

nessy said...

amazing invites and placecard ~ so elegant
vanessa xx
ps my brother is in oslo over this weekend visiting friends and his son!!

Hanne said...

Så stilige de ble da, Kristin! Dette blir det bra party av! Knallstilig med den bakgrunnen og klokka og i det hele tatt...

Ha ei fortsatt fin helg!
Klemmer fra Hanne:)

oheidia said...

Feststemt invitasjon - kjempefin lagd!

God bedring med armen.

Gry-Heidi said...

Superstilig !! Kult med klokka :)
God bedring med armen din!

Klem, Gry-Heidi

Heidi said...

Så utrolig stilig min venn.
Her går det bare i flunsa og å ligge under dyna-men takk for inspirasjonen.

Ha en fin 1 søndag i advent

Klem fra