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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sukkersøtt #15

Yuhuu!! I can actually show you my card for this week's Sukkersøtt challenge one day before it closes!!! I feel I have been late for every challenge lately, but not this time!!

I love my new stamp from Stampavie designed by Sarah Kay. It's such a cozy image that it needed cozy and oldfashioned papers so I used two designpapers from 3ndypapir. I have kind of changed a tiny bit on the sketch (which Anita made for this week's challenge), but I think it is recognizable anyhow! Since I put the three big snowflakes on the side there was no space for the text below them, so I had to move it to the left, under the image. The snowflakes are a stamp from Papirgleder, and I have covered them with glitterglue. I have stamped a small snowflake around the edges of the papers. The text is a rub-on from Norsk Stempelblad. Insides:
The back. I have used a snowflake stamp from Papirgleder and cut them out. I have put a bit of glitterglue in the middle of all the snowflakes. "Handmade by" stamp from Ditten & Datten.
Today I'm having a day off from work. It's so nice to have the time to relax at home. Except I have to do a lot of housework, and I have even brought some paperwork home from work so I am not going to sit here and twiddle my thumbs :)
I had a fight with my eldest son right before the boys went to school this morning. He has grown so much that he is my size in shoes, and since he has outgrown his own wintershoes I thougt he could use mine. But, they have laces!! He hate to tie the laces. On his sneakers he always tie them once when they are new, and the rest of the time he just puts his feet in and out of the shoes without untieing them. On my wintershoes he has to open the laces everytime he wants to take the shoes on or off. He was so furious that I made him try those stupid shoes on right before he went to school, and he ended up walking out the door in his rubberboots, and outside it is minus 3 degrees Celsius!! Well, I have to take him out shopping for new wintershoes one of these days now. I just hate shopping!!
I want to remind you that I am updating my blog candy alert-list on the top of my sidebar (to the right). Check out all the great giveaways around in blogland. :)
Now I have to work, so thanks for looking and I hope you'll have a great day where you are! I will be glad if you drop me some lines :)
Hugs, Kristin :)


Torill said...

Så kjempefint kort! De Sarah Kay-stemplene er jo så skjønne!!!
Kjempetøffe snøkrystaller også!!!

Unknown said...

ÅÅÅ så nydelig julekort igjen!!! Herlig motiv, og lekre detaljer!


Karin said...

So romantic.
Love the great snowflakes and great lay-out.

xoxo karin

Bente said...

Nydelig julekort! Snøkrystallene var jo midt i blinken:=)

Hildegunn said...

Herlig julekort!
Så flott du har pyntet inni kortet også!

Aud said...

Yesss, dette ble lekkert, vet du! Nydelig!♥♥♥

Joanna said...

Kjempelekkert !!!!!!!!!! Du fortjener så hvisst en hedersplass:) Mine Sara Kay julestempler ligger enda ubrukte, har ikke hatt tid :)

Klem fra Joanna

PS: Gi meg et hint du hvis det trenges så skal jeg lage et step by step touturial til deg ;)

Lynda Nielsen said...

Georgious Card Kristin.... You are just so talented. I love your work! =)

Lynda xx

Lynda Nielsen said...

LOL.... Yes mom, don't you know, boys can't wear things unless they are JUST right... How dare you... How old is your son, he sounds like it might be my son. LOL Just like my son would rather let his pants fall down because if he wears a belt the pants might bunch up a little... Geeez, that would be terrible, so I guess he'd rather lose his pants to the floor. That WOULDN'T be embarassing at all though! =)

Get that boy of your the right shoes so he won't have to fuss with laces... LOL

Hege-Annie Simonsen said...

Herlig julekort!! :D

Så godt å høre at konvolutten har nådd frem til deg! :)

Ha en fortreffelig torsdagsaften, der du er! Klem fra meg.

nessy said...

gorgeous card kristin ~love the snowflakes!!
boys hey!! aaron is aged 11 and takes much larger shoes than me~so no chance he will get into my shoes!! :~)~boys hate laces don`t they? ~hope you find him the perfect pair!!
vanessa xx

Angella said...

Så lekkert Kristin... Jeg misunner deg litt for at du har det stempelet:)


annes paperfun said...

Så nydelig julekort!! Og så flotte de snøstjernene var! Lekkert!!!
Takk for at du deltar.
klem fra Anne

david santos said...

Well, well, well!
Really beautiful cards! I love your creation!!! Congratulations!!!
Have a nice weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linanna DESIGNS said...

A simply stunning card Kristin, i just adore the way you've coloured the image andthe gorgeous papers you've used. Hugs Linda x

Anonymous said...

Super fantastisk kort.
Hvor er det en god ide med de sne krystaller.
Du er utrolig god til at pynte inden i og bag på dine kort også. Det giver en fantastisk helhed.

Lissie said...

Flotte kort!

Monica said...

For et kjempefint kort! Så skissen og syns den var så lekker, og du har virkelig funnet en herlig løsning :)

Maya said...

Åhhhhh Kristin *dåne*
Dette var lekkert!!
Nyydelig malt og så lekkert med snøkrystallene rundt kantene!
Takk for at du deltar,
klemmer i hopetall fra Maya :)

Lene Aase said...

Kjempeflott kort, ble så lekkert med de snøkrystallene:)

Klem fra Lene:)