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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmascard with gingerbread recipe

I must admit that this card is not entirely my idea. I have copied a card from my shop. I have a lady decorating my shop with her cards and holding card-classes every now and then. After one of her classes one of the models was laying on the counter and a customer fell in love with it. She kindly asked me to sell it to her, but of course I had to refuse :) Instead I offered me to make a couple of similar cards for her to buy.

Since I have troubles with copying others' cards I tried to make some differencies in the ones I was making. Still the card is very similar with the one my friend made. Her card is really much prettier than mine!!!
On the back of my card I have put Designed by Gro Seip, since I just couldn't put my name alone!

I have used stamps from Marits Verden, Ladybug and Friends and KH Design.
Papers from Papirdesign.
I have coloured in using Distress Ink.Have a great Saturday all of you visiting my blog. Now it's only 4 more days until Christmas Eve!

Hugs, Kristin :)


Nyten said...

ååå, this was a lovely card!!


nessy said...

what a very special card this is kristin ~have missed you being around ~i know you have been very busy!!
vanessa xx

Dot Scrap said...

Hej Kristin.

Det er da en super god ide at sende en opskrift med i julekortet.
Det er et skønt julekort du har lavet. Herlige stempler og du har farvelagt dem så flot.

Angella said...

SÅ gjennomført stilig:)
God helg da vennen!

Angella said...

SÅ gjennomført stilig:)
God helg da vennen!