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Friday, December 19, 2008

Just Christmas and Birthdaycards #11 and Awards

I know, I know!! I am soooo late posting these cards! It's just been no time left for blogging, cardmaking and taking pictures of the cards I have made. But finally I have some spare time to jot down something here on my blog for all of my dear blogging friends to read :)

The first card is a birthdaycard using Gry-Heidi's great sketch for Just Christmas and Birthdaycards #11. I had a great time using the sketch (when I finally had the time to sit down with cardmaking). I have used the beautiful stamp of Herb from Whiff of Joy (which I am starting to sell from my shop now, ). The text stamp is from Ditten & Datten and is also sold in my shop. The paper is from Papirdesign, also sold in my shop. Flowers from Prima, also sold in my shop.
I have to say; if you can't find it in my web-shop it will still be in the shop in Hosle, just call me if you want it!! Inside I have used a text stamp from Kort i hodet. The border on the right side is from Ademio (also sold in my shop).
The back was made super-easy. I just didn't have the time to think a lot! :)

My Christmascard is made with paper from 3ndypapir, textstamp from Ditten & Datten, and the beautiful Christmas Angel from Whiff of Joy. You can find everything in my shop in Hosle now. As I have said earlier on, please contact me if you want something that I still haven't had the time to put in the web-shop yet. I will send it to you anyway :)
Insides with place for a picture on the left side, and a border using a stamp from Ademio on the right side.
The back, using my beautiful personal stamp from Scrapmagasinet.
On both the cards I have coloured in using pencils. I didn't have my distress inks or Twinkling H20 on hand when I was making the cards.

I have received a couple of awards lately.

From Holly I received this award:

It is such an honour to receive it, and I am thrilled that you thought of me, Holly! I am supposed to give it to some other bloggers, but first I will mention my other awards! :)

From Bente I received this one:

The rules for this award:
1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the pepople you've nominated.

I will nominate some great blogs but first I will mention my last award! :)

From Eba I received this beauty:

The rules are like this:
1. Put a link on your blog from whom you got it.
2. Give it to 5 new blogs (which in their turn have to give it to 5 new blogs).
3. Put a link on your blog to those blogs you give it to.
4. Give the blogs you give the award to a note that you have given them this award.
5. Write 5 things you are addicted to.

I'm addicted to: My family, my camera, music, cardmaking, a relaxed life.

I'm in short of time so I am actually doing it really simple for myself so I WILL GIVE ALL THESE AWARDS TO THESE FANTASTIC WOMEN;
Thanks for the weeks we have had together in Just Christmas and Birthdaycards. I have had a fantastic time!! I am looking forward to a new year with JCBC's weekly challenges :)
Have a nice week-end everyone!
Hugs, Kristin :)


Torill said...

kjempeflotte kort du har laget!!! Mønsterarket fra 3ndy er bare så nydelig!!!
god helg og god jul:-)

Heidi said...

Kjempekoselige kort du har laget!
Håper du har det bra i julestria. Her håper vi å kunne roe helt ned i helgen. Det meste er i boks heldigvis
Ha en strålende helg

Klemmer fra

Hildegunn said...

Nydelige kort du har laget!
Herlig snømannstempel!

Ønsker deg en riktig god helg og en god jul!

Hege-Annie Simonsen said...

Kjempeherlige, nyyydelige kort dette! Er du i rute til jul?.. Tror jammen jeg må lage meg et nyttårsforsett at jeg lager julekort i løpet av hele året i 2009! Får visst aldri nok av dem, julekortene!!... :o)

Kos deg godt i helga! :o) NÅ er det ikke lenge igjen til juuul! klem

Simone P. said...

Thanks so much for including me! I have had a blast on this design team!

Angella said...

Så fine disse var da Kristin... Jeg syns jeg kjenner meg igjen med all julestresset. Jeg har ennå ikke fått startet om det er til hjelp. Vi ta et tak i helgen:)
klem til deg... jula kommer uansett om du ikke har ting på plass:)


Ninchen said...

thanks so much for the awards!
have a nice weekend!

xoxo janina

Mona Underdal Loktu said...

Det blåjulekortet med snømannen på var kanonstilig (resten også altså).

God jul Kristin, og hils familien!

Hilde said...

Nydelige kort du har laget...

Ønsker deg en riktig god jul...

eba said...

Så mange nydelige kort du hadde laget!

Gry-Heidi said...

Tusen takk for awardene :) Kjempekoselig!! Her ligger vi et stykke etter juleskjemaet, men gavene er i boks ihvertfall:)
(men ikke kakene)
Ha en kjempefin helg:)

Klem, Gry-Heidi

PS. Kjempeflotte kort du har lagd!

Linda said...

oi oi oi så flotte kort du har laget! og den store julenisse stemplet der var skikkelig flott!

god jul og godt nytt år!


Hello Kristin, these cards are just fabulous hun. I love the whiff of joy images you have used they are some of my favourites! hope you have a fabulous christmas, and thank you for all your work on the DT this year. Looking forward to an even better 2009 and to get to know you better. thank you for entering my blog candy and good luck. Hugs linda x