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Monday, January 26, 2009

Awards again ♥♥♥

I am really honoured to have so many friends out there! Blogland is really a great place to be. I have received soooo many awards for my blog from different people and I am really happy for that. It means my blog is okey!

The Marie Antoinette award I received from Gro
This beauty I received from Line This one is also from Line

This is both from Line and Inger Marie

And same goes with this, also from Line and Inger Marie

And last but not least, this is from Inger Marie

That was a lot of awards!!!! Thank you, thank you everyone!!
For the rules of each and everyone of these award you have to look in other posting of mine because I have received them earlier. But that doesn't make them any less special for me!!!
I want to give all these awards to everyone visiting my blog. You are all special to me. You make my day when you leave me some words, and I want to thank you by giving you all these awards today. Please pick them up and post them on your blog!!

Have a great day!
Hugs, Kristin


Eli said...

Du er med på Blog Candy`n min....


Congratulations on all your awards kristin, but all well deserved. Hugs Linda x

Gro said...

Så flott med mange awards!
Jeg har en utfordring til deg.

nessy said...

congrats on all your awards kristin ~your blog is amazing!!
vanessa xx

Heather Bradley said...

Oh definately well deserved! I have another award for you Here :0)
**Hugs** Heather x

Desiree said...

Gratulerer med så mange awarder, de er vel forjent!

Ha ei riktig god helg, Kristin!

Klem fra Desiree