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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I had actually planned to show you my christmascard for this week's challenge over at JCBC, but do you think I remembered to bring my camera today?!? Nooooo. I took some pictures of the card yesterday but didn't have my computer then, so I thought I should bring my camera to work and download the pictures now. But as you understand I forgot the darn thing!

Well, that aside, I do have some other project I can show you instead! And they have to do with christmas, both of them!

This is a box I made for a girl's birthdayparty-class just before christmas. I was asked to make something the girls could giveaway for christmas but not a christmas-card. The mother asked for a box or a bag or something like that because then the girls could put a small gift inside it for a girlfriend.

The box is made out of template. I had drawn the whole thing on the cardbord for the girls to cut out. I had even made score-lines where they were supposed to fold. After they had glued the box together they decorated it like this one. I made them rip the papers and it seemed like they found that a bit difficult because they were afraid to rip the wrong places. But it all ended well!

One side...
The other side... (the text says "Don't look before Christmas Eve!")

The other project was a bag, one of those plain brown ones. I made them decorate it like this on the front...
... and this on the other side...

This was an easy project for the girls. Except cutting out the girl on the front :)

Hope you enjoyed my projects even though it's past christmas now. Thanks for looking!
Kristin :)


milli said...

Så utrolig flott eske og pose du har laget!
De som fikk disse til jul, var iallefall kjempeheldige!
Tusen takk for hyggelig kommentar på bloggen min!

Klem fra

Inger Marie said...

Så flott gave pose og gave eske.
Og bildene under her var kjempe flotte
Ha en fin dag!!

L.Nielsen said...

These are beautiful Kristin! =)

Holly said...

Aw, how cute are these?! I love the colors of the little box.

Rosette said...

These are just lovely :)