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Monday, January 12, 2009

Down on the fjord

Yesterday my family and I went down to the Oslo-fjord to go skating. We have had a long period with really cold weather, and that has made the ice on the fjord so thick that you can walk on it. When we parked the car I noticed that I had forgotten to bring my skates because I was more eager to bring my camera (I really thought someone else brought my skates!!) Instead of going home to pick them up I just let the others go skating while I walked on my feet around on the fjord-ice. It was very slippery some places and I was really afraid to fall and damage my camera!!

But I had a great time down there and I took a lot of pictures. Here you can watch some of them :)

Beautiful sky (again).

They had put up some sticks we could follow to make sure we walked only where the ice was safe.

Hope you all have a great day still!

Hugs, Kristin :)


Linda said...

flotte bilder!
og nydelig kort du har laget, kjempe søte farger og ikke minst motivet ja :)

Monica said...

Flotte bilder, dette siste med "rødt flagg" likte jeg veldig godt.

kate said...

Så fine vinterbilder du har tatt, ser ut som dere hadde det riktig så fint på glattisen:)
Klæm fra Kate:)

mangelos63 said...

Fine billeder!:)

Stjerneglimt said...

Godt nyttår til deg, og takk for award!
Bildene var flotte, likte også det siste med "flagg i vinden" best, gleder meg til å se flere bilder framover!

Macpurp said...

what beautiful photos! am glad you forgot your skates so we could see these!

thanks for calling by my blog.
love Tina x

Holly said...

oh, it looks cold but so pretty! I love being outside in the snow; just don't get much of it here! Thanks for sharing the pictures.