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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This is a card made for a customer. She wanted a card for a man turning 70 and she came with a couple of photos of the man and his wife. I tried to make the card so it goes well with the photos.

It is supposed to look like a gate you can open to go into the 'castle'. The sign on the door says 'Here lives the birthdayboy' (I can't find a better English word for translating the Norwegian word Jubilant) :)
You can open the gate by pulling a 'lever' on the right side of the lock. I made some hinges to make it more like a gate. The two pictures I received from my customer was one of the birthdayboy in a bed on an old hotel somewhere, with a crown on his head. The second one was of his wife. I cut out the wife's head on this picture and glued it on to the frame above the man's head in the first photo.

I have stamped a crown all over the brown designpaper, and on the white papers. This to go more along with the 'theme' being on a castle. I used QK-alphabet letters to write his name and how old he is.

Really simple back, just the hinges and my personal stamp.

The days are flying by without much happening. The little puppy makes us have to slow down a bit. Well, my husband and sons are out skiing today. I'm staying home with the two dogs. I'm not getting much done.

I have actually tidied up almost all my mounted stamps. I have ripped off the rubber and put some EZ-mount on instead. Now I can put them in some binders and that will make me able to find the stamps easier. I was tired of having to search through all my mounted stamps before I found the one I needed. I guess some of you might be shocked that I 'ruined' my stamps like this, but the fact is that I bought my stamps for the image not the wooden block. Some of the stamps get better without the wooden block, but most of them are just as good.
Have a great Wednesday!
Kristin :)


Hilde said...

Så flott kort da.... Skikkelig morsomt med bilde av kona i ramma over senga da..hehe..hvor tar du alt fra da? kjempebra ialelfall.

eba said...

Stilig kort! Mange flotte kort nedover her! :)

kate said...

Enda et flott kort fra deg, Kristin,
og gratulerer med det nye familiemedlemmet, Frøya, hun er jo til å spise opp:)
Klæm fra Kate:)

scotspanda said...

fab card!!! love it :o)


Amanda xx

Heather Bradley said...

Beautiful card Kristin :0)
I unmounted all my stamps a year ago, I prefer them unmounted too :0)
**Hugs** Heather x


What a fabulous piece of work Kristin, i love the opening and im sure the recipricent love it! Hugs Linda x

Heather Bradley said...

Me again mate!
I have an award for you on my blog :0)
**Hugs** Heather x

Dot Scrap said...

Fantastisk kort Kristin.
Sikke en god ide, og det er så flot så flot.
Skønne detaljer.