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Sunday, February 08, 2009

More winter pictures

I took all these photos on a trip around my neighbourhood. I hope you'll enjoy them!

Have a great Sunday!

Kristin :)


nessy said...

beautiful photos kristin ~with all the snow we have had this week paul and myself have been remembering our many holidays in norway ~was nice to think back to these times!!( i started to visit about 18 years ago)
had a look at your shop ~wish i understood ~may have to find my norwegian dictionary!!
vanessa xx

eba said...

Å, dere har mye snø dere også, ja! Vi har vært ute og lekt i snøen i dag :) Det bildet ditt av fuglen var et skikkelig vinnerbilde!

God søndag du også!

Dawn said...

Aww these are great photos - such beauty...

MacNina said...

Så flotte bilder! Skikkelig vinterstemning, så ut som det det var mye snø ja...

kate said...

Fortryllende vinterbilder du deler med oss; Kristin!!!
Ha en flott mandag,
klæm fra Kate:)