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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Mother and child-class

On Wednesday I had a class for six girls aged 10/11 and their mothers. It turned out to be a fun class. It seemed like hardly any of the mothers had made a lot of cards before, but they had just done a bit of papercrafts and liked that. All of the 'students' were eager to make the cards I had prepared and I think it is such fun when I have people like this around me. I love my work!

The theme for the class was children's birthdaycards, both for girls and boys.
This is the girly card. I used a girl stamp from Whiff of Joy, and a calendar stamp from Papirdesign on the front. I wanted to make a different type of card than the typical 6"x6", so I did this gatefold type instead. To close the card I put a strip of paper around it and decorated it with a textstamp from Ditten & Datten. Alle papers and stamps are available in my shop, .

I decorated the insides with a textstamp from KH Design, and some punched out flowers.

Really simple back. To give the 'students' a chance to write their names on the back I made something on my computer to look like my personal stamp.

This is the boyish card. Again I wanted to make something different, and I ended up with a criss-cross-card. That's a fun card to make and it doesn't need a lot of stash on to look exciting and special. I used two of the newest stamps from Whiff of Joy and which I now sell in my shop. The text stamp is from KH Design.

This is the tag, with a text stamp from KH Design.

Simple back.

Today we have more snow coming. It's been snowing for three days now! I am kind of tired of it. It is cold still (minus 4 degrees Celsius) so the snow is very light and easy to handle. But it does make it more difficult to drive, and since I just can't stay at home I have to use my car. To get to our house we have to drive up a curvy and narrow road. If we meet someone walking there or another car coming down we have to stop and then I have hard time to start driving again. It normally ends up with me having to reverse the car to the bottom of the hill. *shoot* And with the snow on top of the ice the car has trouble with driving forward because the tiers wont get a grip. Back again! Sick and tired of the snow and the winter!!!
But by all means it is beautiful when it all white here! And the kids have fun playing outside. And my husband loves to take our dog go skiing. The dog loves to pull someone while she has a ball running faster and faster!

Have a great Saturday!

Hugs, Kristin :)


eba said...

Det var to nydelige kort! Tipper dere koste dere, ja! Vi koser oss også med snøen, holdt ut i to timer i dag. Kanskje må vi ut en gang til.... For snø har man jo ikke så lenge - vanligvis... :D

Heather Bradley said...

2 truly beautiful cards Kristin, I can see why your students loved making them :0)
**Hugs** Heather x

nessy said...

gosh a fantastic creater and now a wonderful teacher ~wish i lived nearer ~would love to come to one of your classes!
beautiful cards as always kristin
warm hugs
vanessa xx

Dawn said...

Aww I bet you class was fun - great cards and colours.
I am so fed up of the cold and grey and dark nights - roll on Summer!!