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Monday, February 16, 2009

Say hello... Frøya! She is a two months old Siberian Husky, and she is our new member of the family. She is really cute, and already she is become used to her new family. It seems like she is satisfied with her new life, and even though she is small she is not afraid to bark at our 'old' dog. The two of them are playing a lot, but sometimes it is a bit rough play for the little one. Even though Ranja is the oldest one she is not to hard on Frøya. She lets her chew her goodie-bone, but of course she is quick to take it back when Frøya leaves it for a second.

I haven't had the time to finish up a lot of cards lately due to this little lady entering our lives. But I did finish some cards on Friday, and I'll show them to you soon. I also have some cards for this weeks challenge over at Just Christmas and Birthdaycards to show you. I made the sketch this week, so it would be fun if you popped over and gave it a try!! :)


Maya said...

Åhhhh *smelt* så nyydelig hun er Kristin!
Se det bedårende blikket da!
SH er vannvittig flotte hunder og jeg elsker dem (sammen med alaskan malamute og chinese crested ;) )
Ha ei flotters uke,
klemmer fra Maya :)

Alice said...

ohhhhhhhh! she is so sweet, I like her vey much!!!

Gry-Heidi said...

Åhhh, såååå søt!! Kos dere masse med det nye familiemedlemmet :)

Klem, Gry-Heidi

Camilla said...

Gratulerer!! Hun er så nydelig:) Og jeg har fått kikket på de andre bildene du har lagt ut, og det er så flott å se at hun blir så godt tatt i mot av Ranja også:)
Klemmer fra Camilla.