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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Winter wonderland

When we drove to the place where those small puppies are living we drove past some amazing winter scenes. I was sitting in the car and almost dieing to stop so I could take some pictures. It was just lovely out there. But, I knew that it was cold out there!!! It was approximately 22 degrees Celcius below zero! We drove for quite awhile, but then we had to stop to deal with natures call, you know... And then I grabbed my camera and took these two pics. They are definetly not the best ones, but still you can see how cold it is. The trees are all white due to the cold weather. The pics are taken in the afternoon so it's getting dark, but I think they turned out well after all :)
I am posting this as an "answer" to Petunia's challenge on Friday to get out on a trip. My trip wasn't by foot, but still I got to take some pictures, didn't I!?!
My pictures are taken just south of Rena after looking at some puppies there (not the ones on the pics in the posting below).


Petunia said...

Klart de blir godkjent! Du lå i alle fall ikke på sofaen og gjorde ingenting! Nydelige vinterbilder!
Kom innom meg og hent naTURmerke som takk for innsatsen!!

Hege-Annie Simonsen said...

Long time, no see!..
Så flotte vinterbilder! Slike snødekte trær er her i Tromsø for tiden også! Det har snødd en god del de siste dagene - den første dagen det dalte ned, holdt det på nesten hele dagen i ett! Jeg var ute og tok bilder om kvelden fordi det var/er så fint.