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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Birthdaycard - JCBC #21

Finally! Yesterday I had the time to sit down with my crafting stuff again, and I could finish up the birthday card I had started to make with Rheannon's sketch over at JCBC's blog. It was a bit hard to finish it up after the break because even though I had the image and some of the embellishment it just didn't come together as I had hoped/planned. But here it is (I am not really satisfied with it though!).

I think the rose image is from Anita's. I have coloured in with pencils, then some glitterglue, and on top I have put a layer of Diamond Glaze to make it shine a bit (and to prevent the colour to smudge the paper). The cake, buttons, lace and flowergem are all from my stash. Because of the lace and paper my husband thought it looked a bit weddingish. I guess the card has to be for someone older than him and maybe not a male..... I wasn't really very creative when I was making this card, and the insides are kind of boring. I've put some red gems on the upper page.
Even the back turned out a bit boring. I guess it's the combination of white paper on white cardstock. Well, I'll try to make something better next time.

Finally, Thursday! I am always looking forward to this day of the week, especially those weeks I haven't planned a lot. I have a day off from work. I am planning to make a couple of cards for customers. One of the cards is an invitation and I think that will be very easy to make. The other card is for a man turning 70.

Have a great day everyone visiting. I appreciate your visits a lot :)
Hugs, Kristin :)

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