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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rainy day

This is how it looked like outside our house last night. The rain was pouring down and it felt kind of misarable to hear the splashing and dripping on the roof. This picture is taken through my window. I tried to open it to get a better picture, but I had to close it again quickly since it was pouring down, it came in the window.
Fortunately we have a quite nice day today. My son is going on a school-trip with his class and they are riding their bikes. It just isn't fun to get soaked when you have to cycle for almost an hour, and stay outdoors where you're going and then go back home again. So I cross my fingers that the rain isn't coming although I can see the dark clouds up there.
I thank you for your time visiting my blog and hope you'll have a fantastic day where you are.
Hugs, Kristin :)


nessy said...

rain rain go away come again another day!!
i so hope the day stayed dry for your sons bike ride ~lovely blue skies here today ~although terrible weather over the weekend
vanessa xx

Dawn said...

We had a wet spell a few days ago but thankfully it's a bit brighter now!!

Heidi said...

regner her også vennen - men det er håp om sol lørdag. Og det håper jeg virkelig for da skal Henrik feire 11 års dagen sin og det kommer 19 familiemedlemmer på middag. Da er det kjekt å kunne sitte ute og ikke fylle opp huset inne.
Over til spørsmålet ditt om de papirene man kan skrive ut selv.
Jeg har ikke opplevd at de flyter utover og synes det er glimrene å alltid ha papirer du trenger for hånden.
Jeg pleier skrive de ut på aqarell papir og det blir iallefall veldig bra.
Det greie er at jeg alltid bare bruker de restene jeg har av dette papiret sånn at det kommer til nytte det også

HA en toppers regndag

Klemmer fra