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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Art Pieces #32

Doodling. That's the theme of this week's challenge on Art Pieces.

I've doodled some swirls around this girl which I downloaded from The Vintage Moth. Paper from my scrap box. I've glued some small gems to some of the swirls.

Today I will have a relaxed day at home. My sons and husband are all out of the house and I can sit down and make some birthdaycards. A customer called me the other day and ordered two cards, so I have some work to do :)


Gro said...

Kjempesøt ATC med flotte swirler! Likte så godt blinget i krusedullene!

Takk for at du deltar!

Klem, Gro

Rosette said...

This is gorgeous Kristin, just like all your cards :))

LiveArt said...

For en kjempesøt atc du har laget. veldig fint med bling i krusedullene!!


madeleine said...

Så nydelig bilde, og krusedullene passet jo perfekt til :) Tøft og vakkert fargevalg også!

Gry-Heidi said...

Så søt denne var ! Stilig med bling i krusedullene!

Takk for at du deltar :)

Klem, Gry-Heidi

Anette said...

Så stilig det var med bling i drodlingen! Og kjempesøtt bilde du har brukt ;)

Lissie said...

VIrkelig lekkert!

Gro said...

Så flott atc du har laget.