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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wedding anniversary

My husband and I have been married for 15 happy years. To celebrate our big day we normally go out to a restaurant and have a nice meal together. This year we have decided to invite some friends over to our house and have a great time together and eat some nice food. Since our wedding anniversary is today, on a Thursday, we have postponed the celebration to Saturday. We are not doing anything special today at all. But I have made this cute card for my husband, and I will go out and buy him some flowers as well.

The cute owl is a stamp I received as a free-bee in a magazine. I just love it! I coloured it with Distress Inks. I have embossed the red background with blanc powder. The hearts are a stamp from Papirgleder. The text say "For you" and is a stamp from Norsk Stempelblad. The numbers are grunchboards from Tim Holz. I have coloured them using Distress Ink - Fired Brick. I've put some Royal Coat on top of the hearts on the owl and on the numbers. On the insides I've put some pieces of thin ricepaper. The arrow is grungeboard and it's coloured with Distress Ink - Aged Mahogany. I've glued a heart gem on top and put some Royal Coat on to make it stand out more. The picture make the arrow look almost black but it is red!! The text says "You make me smile!" and that is so true about my husband. He really makes me smile! I've written some nice words on the right side, and decorated with some doodles and a red gem (heart).
The back is decorated with some punched out hearts. I've dabbed them with some Distress Ink. The butterfly is a gem from my stash. The text is handwritten and says "Made specially for you by your wife". Another red heart gem on top of one of the hearts.

I've been a little bit lazy lately. I've read lots of books but haven't made all the cards I should have. Well, actually that's not completely true. I have made some cards for customers. Three cards to be excact. I just don't want to show them yet. I will show you the first one tomorrow though.

We are now back to normal. The boys are back to schools, my oldest one started in a new one. He is in 8th grade and they all have to go to new schools here in Norway. My youngest son will still have two more years on his school. He started 6th grade this year. It's amazing that my own boys are so old now. I can't understand where the time went.
Hope you all are doing great out there in blogland. I will try to find some time to visit you all sometime soon. I've really been a bad blogger this summer, but I will find some time to get back to normal now that my days are more of my normal routine.
Hugs, Kristin :)


Dot Scrap said...

Wauw Kristin.
Hvilket smukt og skønt kort.
Dejlige detaljer.
Du er bare så dygtigt. Jeg kigger tit forbi din blog og bliver inspireret.

Marte said...

Hei min venn :) Godt å ha deg tilbake i blogland! Jeg har savnet deg :)
Kjempe søtt og romantisk kort du har laget til din kjære - dette kan jeg tenke meg han setter pris på! Gratulerer så mye med 15 år, la de 15 neste bli like gode!
Håper vi sees snart, når starter treffene opp igjen?

kate said...

Næmmen så koselig da!!
Gratulerer så masse med med 15 års bryllupsdag:)
Æ ønska dåkk ei flott feiring tel helga:)
Ps. kortet var kjempefint!!
Klæm fra Kate:)