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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New home

Some good friends of ours celebrated their new home with a big party for the friends who helped them when they moved. We all gave them some money to buy art for their white walls. I was the lucky one making the card to put the money and the card inside.

The little white house and the trees are stamps I received free when I bought a magazine. They were perfect for this project!

This is the inside of the card, with the card in the pocket.

This is the back of the card.

This is the card and a message explaining the intended use of the money.

On the back of the card we all signed our names so they can remember who gave them this gift. :)

Today's another wet day here where I live. That means wet dogs. I'm kind of tired of eight wet paws to dry, but it seems like there's gonna be more wet paws to dry in the days to come. *sigh*

I'm really looking forward to having a crop with some good friends tonight. We are always having a blast together.

Have a great day, and thanks for looking.

Kristin :)


Hildegunn said...

Kjempeflott kort og en super gave!
Det er jo en glede å få lage et kort fra så mange :)

Ønsker deg en flott dag, selv om været ikke sørger for det!

Dot Scrap said...

Oh hvilken helt igennem fantastisk igen og dit kort er bare så flot. Jeg er sikker på, at de blev glade for kortet og indholde.

GTA mls said...

This is such a good idea. Really, how nice(of friends) is to give money to their loved ones moving into a new house. And especially for their "white walls" as you said. The card is pretty cool too. A great inspiration.