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Saturday, December 26, 2009

My nephew's birthdaycard

I made this card for my youngest nephew. He turned 8 years a couple of weeks ago. The stamp of the lion I gave him for Christmas (not mine, but a new one) since his name is Leo. Hopefully he can use the stamp on some birthdaycards for friends.

Today we are getting even more snow. Since Christmas Eve we've received approx. 30 cm or so. It's lovely outside now. It is so much better when it's snow out there because it is so much lighter even though it's dark. But I must admit that snow and winter are not my favorites.

I hope you are doing great. There are still more days left of the holidays to relax and I hope you are able to enjoy these days.

Hugs, Kristin :)

1 comment:

Dot Scrap said...

Hej Kristin.
Hvilket skønt kort til din Nevø. Jeg er sikker på, at han bliver meget glad for det.
Jeg vil også sige tusind tak for det smukke julekort du har sendt til mig. Det er utroligt sødt af dig. Dejligt at vi kan sende hilsner og små ting til hinanden ind imellem.