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Sunday, January 31, 2010


I received a challenge from Solbjørg.

Go to My pictures.
Choose the sixth folder.
Pick the sixth picture.
Show this picture on my blog and tell about it.
Invite six new people to do the same.

This is my picture. It's not one I've taken myself, but it's my youngest son's class three years ago. They went on a school trip to "Norsk folkemuseum" where they saw a lot of traditional Norwegian houses. My son's teacher has always taken a lot of pictures and put them on the school's website for us parents to view. I have downloaded the pictures where my son is on so I can scrap them or put them in an album for him to keep for later.

 I'm not going to send this challenge to anyone special but please feel free to join it if you like. Let me know if you post anything on your blog so I can come and see your picture.

Bye for now, and thanks for looing.

Hugs, Kristin :)

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