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Monday, February 01, 2010

Just Christmas and Birthdaycards #55

Finally I'm on time publishing my JCBC-card this time!! I've had tons of things to do this January, and I've been hopeless at sitting down in between to make my card for the JCBC challenges. But this time I was good and sat down Thursday evening and made a whole card almost in one go. I had decided to make a simple card so I could finish it the same night. And I did it. I've even sent the card in time to the birthdayperson. Yay!!

I really adore this relaxed little fellow. I wish I could have time to lay down in my bathtub and forget about the rest of the world for some hours. :)

The text on the inside says: "Birthdays are to be enjoyed. Have a great time!"

I tried to make some swirls on the back but I should really have let it be, they just look silly.

Today is the start of week 5 and the month of February. I wonder where the four first weeks disappeared!! What happened to January??? Hmmmm. I didn't make any Christmascards or hardly any cards at all.

Hopefully February will be a tad more relaxed but this week doesn't give me much hope. Every single day is full already. I actually had a hope to go to a crop at a friend's house on Friday, but I will have to go to a funeral instead. Well, one of these days I have to make a birthdaycard since a friend of mine is turning 40 and I'm going to her party on Saturday.


nessy said...

oh kristin this is so,so cute ~ love it so much!!~fab sketch to work with wasn`t it??
if only for a long soak in the bath...but then we have active boys to take care of!!!!thanks for your kind words on my blog ~ if you do come to england(london)~you MUST get in touch and get together!!
vanessa xx

Rosette said...

It is simply BEAUTFUL Kristin!! So lovely coloured and embellished!! Big hugs

Lise said...

For en herlig type den kaninen var! :D Flott kort igjen Kristin!

Maya said...

Så herlig kort, Kristin!!
Nydelige papirer, farger og den lille kaninen var jo bare super søt!!
Ha en flott dag,
klem fra Maya :)