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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Girls' birthdayparty invites

One of my colleagues asked me to make some invites for her daughters' birthdayparty. Since I have boys myself I think it is fun to make something really girly, so of course I said yes.

The birthdayparty was a dress-up party and this stamp image from Panduro was just perfect for the invites.

This is the front with the cute girl.

The insides. My colleagues' daughters turned 2 years and 4 years hence the numbers on the left side. :)

The back was made simple.

My colleague told me that when she showed the invites to her oldest daughter the girl wanted to keep them herself because she liked them so much. :)

We got some really sad news from our veterinary two weeks ago. I have told you that my oldest dog has had some troubles with her paw/leg for quite a long time now, and the last x-ray gave us some answers why. To confirm what the x-ray indicated we asked the vet to take a biopsy of our dog's legbone as well and I am afraid the results were not good. My lovely three year old Siberian Husky has got bone cancer!!

I have been crying a lot! It is so unfair that a otherwise healthy and young dog have to die! Because against this type of cancer there is nothing to do. All we can do now is to give her pain-killers to reduce the pain, and when we see that she is not a happy dog any more we will have to put her to a final sleep. Gee, I just cry thinking about it.  Sorry for being so negative, but life kind of sucks now!!

When my guinnea pig died in March this year I cried a lot, but since he was old I told myself it was naturally for him to die now. Then I thought about how I would react when one of my dogs were going to die in 8-9 years from now. I was sure that I would cry even more. I had no idea that I actually would experience this only some months later. And I have cried a lot just getting the bad news about her illness. I am sure I will have some terrible days when we have to take to the vet for the last time.

I tell you; It's not JUST a dog. It's MY dog, she is my walking buddy, my friend, my furry daughter, and I love her soooooo much.

Sad regards,
Kristin ♥


Lise said...

superfine invitasjoner Kristin! De var skikkelig jentete ja!;) Og Kristin... :( en stor klem til deg! Håper dere får mange gode stunder fremover med hunden. Ta vare på alle de gode stundene. Ta masse bilder, så kan du jo bruke kreativiteten din etterpå for å lage et fint album. Klem!

Dot Scrap said...

Hej Kristin.
Hvor er de bare flotte og rigtig pigede/girly.
Rigtig skønt papir du har valgt og pigemotiverne er bare så søde.