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Friday, June 18, 2010

Old Norwegian coins

Good morning, dear blog friends. How is your day?
My day is fine, the sun is shining, the temperature outside is pretty okay. A wind is blowing, making it colder than it really is. But apart from that it is nice! :) Things like this makes me feel good! Oh yeah!

Thanks for the nice comments from those of you commenting about my dog's condition (in my last post). She really is fine right now, and I am enjoying every day with her.

The card I'm showing you today is a card made for a man. A colleague asked me to make a malecard for a man turning 60 years. One of the big hobbies for this man is to collect old coins, so then I thought it would be fun to put some old Norwegian coins on the card. Luckily I had a jar full of old 10-øre coins. We stopped using them in the early 90ies.

All the papers I've used are from Panduro. On the left side I've used an old clothes tag.

A simple back.

I will soon start my summer holidays. Only two more days to go!! Yuhuu!
This year I really haven't got any plans, except going to Germany to visit my sister. I will go alone, but all of my sisters are coming down there. I'm really, really looking forward to this.

Have a great day! Hope to see you soon!

Kristin :)


eba said...

Oj, blir helt nostalgisk her! LOL Jeg samlet en gang på 10 øringer :) Stilig kort!! GOd helg!!

Lise said...

Så artig at du har brukt 10øringene. Tenk at mine barn kommer til å le seg skakk når jeg forteller dem at vi brukte 10 øringer da jeg var barn.. hehe Ligger noe å venter på deg i bloggen min. :) Ha ei fin helg!

nessy said...

just love this card ~what a wonderful idea!!
enjoy your holiday!!
vanessa xx