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Sunday, September 19, 2010


I was asked to make two confirmationcards for two girls. I decided to use this tag stamp from Kort  & Godt Hobby. I think it's such an easy stamp to use on a card. It makes the whole card easy to decorate. I haven't used much stash but have use a grunge stamp from Stempelglede to decorate the edges.

I didn't want to make two different cards because I was in a bit of hurry. So I have only changed the name so that each card is more personal.

On the inside I made a pocket so the customer could put money in it.

On the back I have decorated with another stamp from Stempelglede.

Today we have had great weather. A bit chilly in the shade, because it's definetly autumn. But we have had sun all day long, and it was warm enough to sit outside on the terrace when we ate our dinner. I guess the days will soon bring us colder weather.

In two weeks I am going to New York!! I am really looking forward to that. :)
I hope to find a store selling scrapbooking stuff. If you know of any, please let me know name and address. :)

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Karine H. said...

Tusen, tusen takk Kristin, og alle huldre! Iselin ble veldig glad og dette kortet var uten tvil det fineste av alle! Tror aldri jeg har sett et så fint kort faktisk :))

Med hilsen Karine (Mor til Iselin)