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Friday, January 07, 2011

Old cards

Happy new year to you all! I know we are already a week into the new year, but the year is still pretty new, isn't it!??

This is a card I made for a boy turning 14 years old last October. Since I haven't been much around here lately I just haven't showed it to you before. :) As you can see I am not much into cardmaking nowadays. The few cards I'm making are super-simple. But they are home made! :)

This picture turned when I uploaded it but as you can see it's the back of the card.

Yet another simple card. This time for a girl turning 11 years.

Flowers everywhere :)

The back!

Last christmas I didn't send a single homemade christmascard! The years before I sent mainly handmade cards so the difference was big. Well, at least for me personally. But I just didn't feel okay to spend a lot of time crafting. My crafting room is a disaster and it has been for the last months. I have to make a huge effort to clean up the mess, and after that I will be able to craft without bumping into things and I will be able to find my supplies!

I have a plan this year! I will make 4 christmascards each month, and by the end of November I will have 44 cards. My plan is to sit down and make 4 pretty similar cards in one go. They have to be simple so they will get done in one sitting. Isn't that a great plan? I know a lot of you already have done this for several years already. And two years ago I was a good girl and made 1 christmascard each week, or at least every second week. I fell off that wagon and now I have to climb up again. :)

Hope you are all doing great. Maybe I will try to visit you all soon. :)

Kristin :)


Hege-Annie Simonsen said...

Så herlige kort, Kristin!! :)
Godt Nytt År!!! :D

Lise said...

Lykke til med kortlagingen! Jeg har visst hoppet av kortlasset jeg også.. Men har et mål om å begynne igjen.. Tiden vil vise! ;) Ha et fint og kreativt år! :)

nessy said...

oh kristin so lovely to see you back ~ amazing cards~hope to see you around more!!
thankyou so much for my xmas card ~what a wonderful photo!!
many hugs
vanessa xx
ps my brother is over in oslo this weekend until tuesday visiting a friend and picking up his son from his x~wife~ i`ll get him to wave!!LOL