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Monday, April 04, 2011

11 years old

This is a birthdaycard I made for my nephew who turned 11 years in end of March.
Sometimes I am so glad that I have a motif already coloured and finished for me to use on a card. I can reduce the time I use on making a card drastically by having pre-coloured motives.
I was late making this card (as always) so I was glad I could just sit down and start putting the card together at once. :-)

Thanks for visiting my blog again.

Hugs, Kristin :-)

1 comment:

nessy said...

oh kristin what an amazing "boy" card ~like me we seem to have lots of male cards to make (i`m on the girly ones at the moment)~ that edwin is so sweet and love the papers~just perfect!!(both inside and out!!)
big hugs vanessa xxx
ps hope all is well with you and your boys