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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A happy card

A card making me happy, made for a lady turning 70 years. This lady is always happy and positive, at least the times I have met her. :-) And her daughter, which asked me to make this card, is as happy and positive as her mother.

I love this paper. I made the insides pretty simple, but I like the hearts scattered all over. They are a reminder of that this lady is loved by the cardgiver and her family.

Simple back. The fruity and flowery paper makes me long for summer.

I will sit down and make a new card today. This will be a special card and I don't know whether I am ready to make anything special nowadays. I feel like making something really simple! But since I have promised to make this card for a customer I just have to make a try.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Hugs, Kristin :-)


nessy said...

oh kristin this card made me smile so much ~ what a perfect image for a 70 year young lady!!
vanessa xx

Heidi said...

Åååå for et hærlig kort Kristin. det fikk virkelig fram smilet. Deilige farger du har brukt også. Passer perfekt for en moden dame spør du meg
Klem klem