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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Boy's birthdaycard

I had to make two quick birthdaycards again. This is the first I made. I wanted to make something small and simple. The shape is kind of unusual so instead of an envelope I just tied a string of yarn around it. This way I didn't have to make a custom made envelope for this card.

This is the front without the yarn.

This is the insides. On the left I made a pocket .....

.... so I could put some money as a gift in there.

The back without the yarn.

The back with the yarn.

As I said, I had to make two cards. The other cars is pretty similar. I will show it to you next time. :-)

I am now busy making some invitations for my niece's wedding. And a confirmand card for another niece. And I have to make a card for my own son's confirmation as well. And some place cards for the same confirmation.

Busy, busy, busy.... I'm glad it's spring and the weather is nice and the temperatures are great. It's almost a touch of summer outside.

Thanks for visiting.

Kristin :-)


Simply Create said...

I love this card, gorgeous papers and idea, love the pocket and the idea of tying up with string rather than an envelope, brilliant blog x

mangelos63 said...

Flotte farverige kort!