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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Christmas in June

I had a great plan at the start of this year. I was going to make four christmascards each month of the year, and then I would have all the card I needed in time for christmas. That was the plan.
January went with four christmascards made.
February went with no christmascards made.
March went with no christmascards made.
April went with two christmascards made.
May went with no christmascards made.
June is not over yet, so I have a hope to make at least a couple of christmascard the next few days.

And of course I will fix my blogoversary.
What happens to my time? It is just disappearing.

Today we looked at some used campervans. We might actually buy one. And that will be our holidays this year, driving around in the campervan. :-)

Thanks for looking. :-)

1 comment:

Mona Underdal-Loktu said...

Ehhh .... julekort? :-D Jeg er imponert!!! KAnskje noe å sette seg som mål? Være ferdig med de FØR 1. desember .... hmmmmm