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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

And yet another christmascard

This is my seventh christmascard this year. I made it in May, but I haven't had the time to show it here before now.

I have found a way to make the insides and I guess all the christmascards this year will be more or less like this.

Simple back again.

It is definetely vacation in my house nowadays. I am sleeping in every morning and I don't get out of bed until 8 am. It feels good.
I hope that we will get our campervan today. I am looking forward to drive around visiting different places.

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Thanks for visiting. :-)


Lise said...

Nydelige papirer! :) God ferie! :)

Mona Underdal-Loktu said...


Tusen takk for koselige kommentarer på min blogg. Vi storkoser oss på ferie sammen, Tuva og jeg. Late slowlife dager :-) Jeg håper dere får en flott ferie i bobilen! Gleder meg til å høre om den. Kjenner jeg nesten kunne tenkt meg en bobil, så kunne Tuva og jeg reist land og strand rundt :-) En gang .....

Lise said...

Da har jeg linket til deg og candyen :)

TanySol said...

I like this card! Beautiful!!!

Ksenia said...

Very beautiful card! Love the colour combination!

nessy said...

just love this xmas card ~simply stunning!!
really must get my xmas stamps out of the drawer!!..not even started yet
hugs, vanessa xx