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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another confirmationcard

A customer asked me to make a confirmationcard for a boy.
This boy likes to play guitar and football so I used my KH Design stamps with footballs and guitars on. Perferct for this kind of project. :-)
In this first picture I show you how I closed the card with a rough string.

Here's the card without the string.

Close-up of the corners of the front. I put some flowers with beads on to brighten up the look a bit.

Here is the card opened up a bit...

....and here's the card fully opened up. On the left side I have printed out the letters from my computer and then cut them out like this.
On the middle page I have put a pocket to put a gift certificate or some money.
On the right side I have printed the text the customer wanted me to use. The small branches are a stamp from Lissie Design.

Close-up of the guitar.

Close-up of the pocket.

This is the back of the card.

Holidays are over. I have been working for over a week now and I know that this week will include three late shifts at work. And the Saturday! Hmm. I am looking forward to Sunday! :-) That will be my only day to relax this week.

Well, thanks for looking.
Have a great day.

Kristin :-)

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