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Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Norwegian challenge blog

There is a Norwegian challenge blog starting 1 August!!! It is called Sukkersött (Sugarsweet). Check it out here! They also have a RAK for someone so check it out and join in here!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blog candy in Maya's blog

Maya has a super blog candy if you are one of the many who loves Hänglar&Stänglar motives. Check it out! You might be the lucky one!!

Friday, July 11, 2008


While I was on vacation sweet Marte gave me this award. That is so kind of her!!!
The rules for this award: 1. The winner can put the logo on her blog. 2. Link the person you received your award from. 3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs. 4. Put links of those blogs on yours. 5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you've nominated.
It seems like a lot of people already has received this award, but I will give it to these girls:
Check out their blogs. A lot of amazing creativity going on here!!

Deb's blog candy

Deb has a blog candy. Obiously there are a lot of them now. But check out this one!!

High Hopes New Release Blog candy

There's another blog candy going on as well. Try this. You might reach it before it's to late :)

Blog candy

Blog candy in Frances' blog. It is awsome! I am giving it a try!!

A card for my niece

My niece turns twelve soon and of course I had to make a card for her. She is a very nice girl and then I thought this image I received from Dorte would be perfect! And since it is a summer birthday it would be even more perfect!!

The swirls along the edges are from Stempelglede, the ticket is a stamp from KH Design. Paper unknown.

Inside with the same swirls from Stempelglede, and a textstamp from Norsk Stempelblad.Personal stamp from Scrapmagasinet and the swirl from Stempelglede again.
Now I just have to go out and buy the gift. I am sending it all up to the westcoast of Norway tomorrow morning. My sons are leaving tomorrow to stay there for some days :)

Well, it is a nice day outside my window. And here am I sitting twiddling my thumbs... Ha-ha! No, I am not doing that. But it is awfully quite these days. It seems like everyone are on vacations. Since I am already done with my holiday for this time I will have some relaxed days here in my shop. I have a lot of things to do so I would be better off if I just did some of those things. But it is all kind of boring things. It is much more fun surfing other blogs, so that's what I'm going to do!!!

Have a nice day all of you popping in. Say hello to me before you leave, please!!

Kristin :)

Pay-it-forward from Stjerneglimt-Kirsten

It feels quite long ago, but then I was so lucky to be one of the lucky three to 'win' the Pay It Forward in Stjerneglimts blog. As day went by I forgot all about it, but then suddenly, two days ago a big envelope came in the mailbox and it was for me!! I must say I was surprised!! But oh so happy I was to see what was inside. And it was all for me! Notice the cute little note she put inside. I love cats, so this was so sweet!! Thank you!!

From Hege Annie

The same day as I received a parcel from Dorte I was so lucky to receive another one from Hege Annie. I was helpful and sent her one template for one of those round cards I have made. In return she sent me a template to a very interesting card and a big, red flower and some cute small white flowers. And she had also made this adorable card for me. Sigh!! I am so lucky to know such nice people!! Thank you!

From Dorte

I am so lucky who have 'met' Dorte. She sent all these stamp images to me together with this really cute card!!! Now I am sitting here just admireing the details on her card and painting some of those images!! Thank you!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

10x10 cm card

I have a last card to show you before I go away from the computer (sometimes it is dangerous to sit down in front of the computer because I'll never leave!!!)

I had agreed to send some stampimages to Dorte in Denmark and I wanted to put a small card together with the images. So this is what I made for her. The flowers are from Cuddly Buddly and the text is from Ditten&Datten.

I love making these small cards (approx. 4"x4"). They are so easy to make since you don't have the space to put a lot on it :) Again I have used the swirl from Stempelglede and text from Ditten&Datten.
The back was made easy with only a textstamp from Ditten&Datten (it says Made specially for you).
Okey folks, that's all for now. I really have to do someting else now. I have been sitting by the computer for ages!!!

Have a really nice day all of you popping by. Please leave a comment before you leave. I love all the comments I get :)

Best friend

My best friend through almost 30 years had birthday, and of course I had to make a card for her!!! I had no clue where to start but kind of let me go along the road picking up this and that to put on the card. The stamps from Stempelglede (swirl and text) have been in my posession for such a long time, but I have to be honest never used them on a card (embarresed). Now came the perfect moment for them and I just love them (I always have, but now I REALLY do LOVE them!!!) The swirl has so fine details and it is perfect to use on edges and along top or bottom.... It is just perfect *sigh* Inside with another text from Stempelglede and of course the swirl again :)
More swirls :), and text from Ditten&Datten.
By the way, the swirls on the top and bottom (front & back) are embossed.

Cardmakingclass for kids 2

This is the second card the girls had to make. They all loved the little mouse from Rachelle Anne Miller (me too) :)

Cardmaking class for kids 1

Two days before I left for holiday I held a class for 10 girls. It was really fun. The girls were all so eager to get things done and they thought everything was a blast. It's nice to have childrens classes when you get this feedback!!

One of the cards they made was this one. It is very simple but it took some time to make it. There's a lot of embossing around the edge (clear with glitter), and the texts on the tags are also embossed. And I used the same stamp over and over again. Not so smart when I had one stamp for ten girls and they had to use it repeatedly!! But they all went home with a finished card!!

Another card

My brother-in-law had birthday in beginning of June. He is a German, and they all live in Germany, so normally I never meet him on his birthday. But this year I did, because we all went to Trøndelag to a big celebration up there. Not his birthday but someone elses :) But even though I met my brother-in-law on his birthday do you think I had managed to have his birthdaycard ready?? Oh no, not me!

Well, I felt a little bad about this so I made this card for him and sent it to him when I sent a birthdaypresent and card for my sister :)

Motif is Cuddly Buddly. Text is Aud Design. Paper unknown. The inside was decorated with some swirls from Aud Design.

The back with a frame from Aud Design and text from Ditten&Datten.

Card for a nephew

My nephew turned 10, July 1st, and I made this card for him.

The motif is from Cuddly Buddly. It looks very pale here but I guess it must be the flash that did that, because it was not this pale in real life :) The dog is also Cuddly Buddly. The text is from Lissie Design. The numbers are from Autumn Leaves. They are embossed with white and then cut out. The light blue carton is embossed (from Aud) and I put some distress ink on top to highlight the diamonds. The diamonds under the text is from Aud Design. The flowers are from Prima. Inside I decorated with some stamps from a set I don't know where comes from. I bought i last year and I threw away the label before I wrote it down :(
The text is from Ditten&Datten.
The frame around the text is from Aud Design. The text is from Ditten&Datten. Everything is embossed in white.

New order

A mother of a friend of mine called me one day in June. She asked me if I could make a card for a friend of her turning 60. She gave me some ideas about how this lady was and then I made this card for her.

I have used my favourite stamp, the dancing lady from Art Impression. Then I have used picnic basket from Magnolia, and so are the muffins as well. The text stamp is from Lissie Design, the numbers on top are from Autumn Leaves. The tag is from 7Gypsies. I have written the name my self. Ribbons from American Crafts and Kort&Godt Hobby. Paper from Papirdesign.

Inside I have decorated with one of the many beatiful stamps from Bella Stamps set. I love them!! And the text stamp is from Ditten&Datten.
The back is decorated using the paper from Papirdesign. I have stamped a frame from 7Gypsies and then stamped the text from Ditten&Datten inside.

Goodiebag for the teacher

My youngest son's teacher through the last 4 years were leaving the class, and of course we wanted to give something special to her. She has been a super teacher and all the kids have loved her (at least my son has :))

I decorated a paperbag and filled it with chocolates inside. I used a stamp motif from Cuddly Buddly on one side, and a text stamp from Papirgleder and a frame stamp from 7Gypsies. The paper I bought cheap in Nille (cheap store in Norway :)) On the other side I used a stampmotif from Cuddly Buddly (again) and I put two tags on the ribbon. On one of them my son wrote a little thank you - note to his teacher. I wrote the teacher's name on a 'tag' from QK and put on a ribbon beside the motif. The ribbon is from American Crafts.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Isn't it strange how you sometimes would like to make something for someone special in your life, but no matter how hard you try you just can't make it as special as that special person!! It's kind of frustrating to not be able to create something so beautiful as you could wish! I have two special persons in my life (okey I have more but...) and I always have problems making something for them. This time it was a card for my sister's birthday. Since she turned 40 I had the urge to make something extra special. But no matter how early I started to think about what to make I just couldn't come up with anything as special as my sister. Time started to run out and I was leaving for summer holiday! One day I just sat down and created this card. It's okey, but.... well, you have to judge for youself :)
Motives from Cuddly Buddly, texts and butterfly from Lissie Design. Paper from DCWV. Framestamp from 7Gypsies. Inside with textstamp, butterfly and the small branch from Lissie Design, the bees are from Whispers, Sugarloaf Production.

The back is stamped with numbers from Autumn Leaves (embossed). The tag is stamp from 7Gypsies, with textstamp from Kort&Godt Hobby.

Old cards 3

Yet another birthdayparty, doubble this time... I must say that some times those birthdays come a bit to close in time :( But that's when I love to make cards that look the same!!
The motif is from Cuddly Buddly. Both the text stamps are from Lissie Design. Paper unknown. Inside with a tag stamped with numbers from Autumn Leaves and text from Ditten&Datten.
Text from Ditten&Datten and frame from 7Gypsies.

Old cards 2

Another birtdaycard. This time for my oldest son's schoolmate turning 12 years. It is so convenient having some images finished up already :) This is a image I had from a lovely lady called Dorte. We swapped a lot of images and I must say I really fell in love with some stamps from Cuddly Buddly. Like this one. The text is from Ditten&Datten (top) and Lissie Design (below). The bees are from Whispers, Sugarloaf Products. I don't remember where I have the paper from.
Inside I have made a tag with numbers from Autumn Leaves. The text on the right side is from Lissie Design, and with a frame from 7Gypsies.The back is made simple with a text stampr from Ditten&Datten, and a frame from 7Gypsies.

Old cards 1

This is a birthdaycard I made before I went on holiday. My youngest son had to go to a birthday-party, and I was really busy doing other things. But I had some images I had already stamped and coloured so it was kind of easy peasy to "throw" something on a card. I was afraid it maybe turned out a bit to childish for a ten years old boy, but my son said it was okey...
The text above the image is a stamp from Lissie Design, the text on the right side is from Ditten&Datten. The papers and the stickers are from Karen Foster (I think). The left side is a sticker-tag from Karen Foster. You can put a money-note in the top behind the tag. The left side has a small square from Karen Foster's paper.
The back turned out very easy. I didn't have the time to make up something more fancy than this :) The text is a stamp from Ditten& Datten. The frame around the text is from 7Gypsies.