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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stempelglede's Blog Candy

For Norwegians: Stempelglede har en super blog candy. Svar på spørsmålet til Gunhild og link til bloggen til design teamet, men les om det hele her! Vær rask for den ender i kveld, 31. august!!!

For foreign visitors: Go to Stempelglede's Design team blog to join a super blog candy. Go here! But you have to be quick because it ends tonight, 31st August CET!

Karen's blog candy

It is amazing how many blog candies there are out there. But I hope you are not tired of joining any of them yet. Pop over to Karen's blog to look at her giveaway! I will give it a try, and you have untill 14th September :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jude's blog candy

Jude is giving away some super stamps. They can be yours if you join her blog candy! Take a look at what you have to do in her blog here.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blog candy

Hilmarose has a great blog candy. She is giving away a lot of nice things she has made. Go have a look in her blog here.

Brillante Weblog again :)

I was lucky to receive this from Inger Marie! (Thank you!!) I have received it earlier on and I have decided that this time I will give it to no-one specific. I will give it to everyone that regulary come and visit my blog, especially those of you leaving a comment every now and then! I love getting comments for what I write or show you here in my blog. That is what keep me going on with my blog-life :) Thanks a lot!

New Blog Candy

Sally has a great blog candy. Check out her blog here.

Award - Blogging Friends Forever

I was so happy when I received this award from Angella. Thank you so much!!! It really means a lot for me to receive all the awards I get. I haven't found the time to sit down and do anything about this award untill now, but here it goes :)

The rules of the award:
1. Only 5 people allowed.
2. 4 have to be dedicated followers of your blog.
3. one has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. you must link back to whoever gave you the award.

I know that a lot of people have already received this award so it will be hard to find someone who hasn't got it already. So I will just give it to the people I chose randomly among my visitors :)


And for the new person who lives in another part of the world I go for

Tejal from India!

I enjoy all these blogs and I hope you all can visit these great women and enjoy their blogs you too.
Have a nice day!

Dawn's blog candy

Wow, Dawn is giving away a great blog candy in her blog!!! Check it out here.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My web-shop...

... is now updated with a lot of cute Rachelle Anne Miller-stamps (look under producer Stampavie), and a lot of brads and pearls, and some other goodies as well. Please go to Kort og godt at (Just for the record; Kort og godt is not the same at Kort & Godt Hobby but I do sell a lot of the stamps and stash from them!! :))

For people living abroad I am sorry that I don't send worldwide yet. I haven't got any deal for payment, but I'll keep on working on it :)

Have a nice day!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sukkersøtt #4 once more

And my third and last attempt on challenge #4 on Sukkersøtt's blog. This time with one ribbon on the left side, one at the bottom and one under the flower.
I have one brad in the middle of the flower and three at the bottom in the left corner.
I have used one of the patterned papers I got from Karin. The paper behind the text is wrapping paper again. Slighty different inside, and again a new corner swirl stamp.
A very simple back.
That's all for now! :)

Sukkersøtt #4 again

Here's my second attempt for challenge #4 on Sukkersøtt's blog. It is the same size as last time, 8x8cm. I have three ribbons, one behind the flower, one on right side edge, and one at the bottom. Okey, it's not a ribbon but a lace, but I do hope this is okey anyway :) And I have also a tiny "ribbon-flower"on left side of the text.
My three brads are one in the middle of the flower and two hearts beside the text.
I have used some old wrappings again, this time white and black.Almost the same inside as last card. Just a different corner swirl stamp. I have coloured everything to give it a feeling of being joined together with the front.The back was made easy again.
Have a nice day, and thank you for visiting my blog :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Candies from Karin

I have completely forgotten to tell you about the candies I received from Karin. I won her blog candy some weeks ago, and last week I received all the crafty goodies!! I got approximately 20-25 stamped images from both Magnolia and hÄnglar & stÄnglar, a lot of flowers, leaves, buttons, brads, ribbons, patterned papers and a set of alphabet stamps. And on top of that she had made me this cute card (see the top of the pic.)

I have already started to colour some of the images, and I have used a lot of the brads and flowers. But still there's plenty left!! I am really enjoying myself now-a-days :) Thank you, Karin!!! I love the candies I got from you :)

Blog candy

Cathrine has a blog candy in her blog! Check it out before 31st August. :)

Sukkersøtt #4

This is my card for Sukkersøtt's challenge #4. We are supposed to use at least 3 brads and 3 ribbons. Wether we use three of the same kind or three different doesn't matter as long as we use three of each.
I have used one brad in the flower and three on the bottom left corner (all of them I received from Karin. I have put two small ribbons on the bottom right edge and one ribbon behind the flower (this ribbon I was given by Stjerneglimt).

The paper is an old wrapping again. Love the colours of it. The text is a stamp from Kort i hodet. The flowers are some of all the flowers I received from Karin since I won her blog candy :) (Thank you, Karin!) On the inside I have used a sticker on the left side. I have coloured the inside with Twinkling H20 and Distress Ink. On the right side I have used a clear stamp from Prima Marketing. I love corner swirl stamps. Even though I have a lot of them already I just feel I have to have more of them :)
The back was made simple. Here you can see how small the card is. It is only 8 cm x 8 cm. You can't do a lot on that space. But still I find it fun to make other cards than the 'normal' 15 cm x 15 cm.
Have a nice day folks, and don't forget to join my blog candy!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Katharina's sketch #26

I loved Sukkersøtt's challenge #3 this week where we should follow a sketch. And when I found this sketch on Katharina's blog I just had to make a card again!! It was a bit tricky to make all the parts show on my card because the size of my card is only approx. 12 cm x 12 cm. And I used a big image. But I just love this stamp from Whiff of Joy. Charlotte decorating the tree is beautiful!!!

Here's the sketch: Here's my card. I have used old wrappings and a red ribbon. The stamps are from Whiff of Joy and Panduro.
On the left side of the inside I have made it possible to put a picture in a kind of pocket. That's a variation of sticking the picture to the card. This way the picture can easily be taken out after Christmas :) The text stamp is from Papirgleder and the heart stamp is from Panduro (Tilda).On the back I have used some old wrappings again. It is fun to use some of the stash I have saved!
I like working with sketches because they are very verstatile even though it shows you where to put the different things.

This is a second attempt on the same sketch. Look how different the two cards are even though I have followed the same sketch :)

The text behind the image is stamped with stamps from Lissie Design.

The inside:

The back:I am satisfied that I have managed to make my first Christmas card, and a birthdaycard that can actually be sent to the receiver in time!!!

Ha a nice day, folks!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sukkersøtt #3 once more

This is my last contribution to Sukkersøtt's challenge #3.

I made this card for my dear husband. Today we celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary! And since we have had 14 happy years I wanted to give him a card to tell him how much I love him :) The image I have used is one of Rachelle Anne Miller's last designs. I sell them in my store (Hosle) and will soon sell it in my webshop as well :)
On the inside I have stamped the sentence "To my dear".
The back was made very simple.I was so happy to have made this card for my husband and had planned to put it on the table for him to find it this morning at breakfast :) We don't give each other presents on our anniverseray so I didn't buy him anything and I didn't expect to get anything in return either! But on the table when I came to make breakfast this morning was not only a beautiful card but a present too! I was so surprised since we don't celebrate a big number (I mean 14 years isn't any special number...). And the biggest surprise was the gift itself. It was a Canon EOS 40D. The camera I have told my husband several times to put on my wish list for my 40th birthday next year (December). Why he decided to surprise me now I really don't know, but hey, I don't mind having a new camera to play with!!! I am just sooooo HAPPYYY!!!!

Have a really nice day all of you visiting my blog!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blog candy alert

Blog candy in Inger Marie's blog! She has a lot of great new Magnolia stamps to give away!

Blog candy in Caroline's blog

Caroline has a great blog candy going on till 1st of September! Give it a try here!

Sukkersøtt #3 again

This is another card for Sukkersøtt's challenge #3. I just loved this sketch! I have made some variation on the sketch this time, but I hope they will see the sketch in it anyway :)

This is a card for my sister-in-law. She has her birthday today (gratulerer, Marit!), but she won't have her card before another day or two. I was late with this one as well. Since I didn't have any great ideas how to make the card the sketch from Sukkersøtt was perfect to work with :)

I have made another card for the challenge as well, but I have to wait till tomorrow to publish it. It is a secret for now :)

Hugs, Kristin :)

Sukkersøtt #3

I had this great idea to make a card for last weeks challenge on Sukkersøtt. But I never had the time to make that special card! This time I have made my first card for challenge #3 which is a sketch. I have hardly ever used a sketch before so this was a challenge for me :) But it was such a great sketch to use!! Thank you, Anita for making it!

This card is made for my brother-in-law. He had birtday on last Saturday, but of course I just didn't have the time to make the card on time :) But now I haven't just made the card for him I have even sent it to him *applause*

The motif is from Cuddly Buddly and is one I got from Dorte (thank you, Dorte!). The inside has got the sentence "I haven't forgotten your birthday... I just didn't remember it in time".
At the back I used the same paper (from DCWV) as on the front.
Have a nice day!

And again!

Phew! Sometimes it seems like I am making a lot of cards just to sell to someone else. This card I made for my neighbour. She came to my house one evening kind of frustrated that she hadn't found any card she liked for a wedding she was going to in three days. She kindly asked me if I could make a card for her. I hesitated a bit because my sister and family was visiting and I thought it would be kind of unpolite to sit down and make a card then! But my sister was happy to come with me to my shop so I could make this.

Since I didn't have a lot of time to find creative solutions I ended up with a simple card. But I guess it is okey anyway. At least it is more personal :)

I decorated the inside with rings and the sentence "Together is a nice place to be" :)
Again I made the back very simple :) Ta-ta for now!! :)


... I have made a card for someone else. They wanted a card to send to some friends of theirs who they had met in Spain this summer. They wanted to say thank you for a lovely meal they had eaten together. And this is what I made!
On the inside I tried to illustrate the fact that they had been sharing food in another country :)

I sell most of the things I used to make this card in my shop, so please visit

Please have a superduper day!

New card again

I haven't had the time to update my blog lately. We have had some visitors staying at our home, and it has been so nice!! But now they have left, and I have tidied my house and I can sit down in front of my computer :)

This is a card someone asked me to make for them. It's one of thow "envelope-cards" I have made a lot of earlier :) On the front I have printed out the text which says "To our dear sister". I used the paper Damask from Autumn Leaves to decorate both the front and the back. (I sell it in my store/web-shop

On the inside I have used a swirl from Stempelglede in the "corners", the tag on top and on the right side. The stamp with the hikingshoes is from Kort&Godt Hobby, the text on the tag is from Norsk Stempelblad, the text beside the dancing lady, the text on the lower part and the glass of wine are from KH Design. All of those stamps you can find in my store/web-shop ( The dancing lady (which is one of my favourite stamps) is from Art Impression. The back with a personal stamp from Scrapmagasinet. I just love this stamp!
Well, I hope you have enjoyed visiting my blog! Please feel free to leave a comment :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some LOs

I made these LOs some while ago, but I haven't remembered to take a picture of them. But here they are. They are very simple if you compare with LOs on other blogs, but this is the way I like them. I can put a lot of stash on cards I make, but my LOs always turn out very simple. I want the pictures and my story to be the most important thing, not the decorations :)

Since I am the one taking all the pictures I haven't got many pictures of me. I enjoy taking pictures so much and I have always taken pictures, since I got my first camera when I was 10 years old :) That was a very small camera, very cheap one, a Kodak camera. But I learned how to take pictures and I loved it. When I was 19 I bought my very first SLR, a Canon EOS 620. I had that one for 11 or 12 years, then it was just not functioning well any more. I had taken the camera on many trips all over the world and taken sooo many pictures. Now I have a Canon EOS 350D, but my dream is to get a Canon EOS 40D :) I have put that one on my wish list for my 40th birthday (next year).

But as I said, I haven't got many pictures of myself, so here I have tried to make an LO about myself with a picture I have taken myself. I have to do everything myself :) These are pictures taken in Janurary. Our dog is not allowed to lay in our sofa, but one morning when we came downstairs the boys were already there, and they had let the dog come up on my eldst son's lap. "She is not on the sofa, mum! And she is soooo cute!" I just had to take pictures of the scenario :)
In May we brought our fishing-gear to a place where we could fish. We weren't lucky to get any fish, but the boys thought it was fun to have tried fishing again. We do this every now and then but we haven't caught any fish!
Well, I hope all of you have a great day!! :) I hope you can write some words for me when you visit my site. I love to read all the things you tell me :)

Ta-ta for now :)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Becca's Blog Candy

I found Becca's blog through my blog hopping tonight, and I would reccomend everyone to visit her blog before the 13th August. She has an amazing blog candy!!

Blog candy alert!

In Pink Gems blog you can find a blog candy. If you join it you can win it! The reason for the blog candy is that she has hit 15000 since March!!! Last day for this one will be around the 21st August :)

Friday, August 08, 2008

New card

This card I made for my friend. We started out as pen-pals early in the eighties, I think it was in 1981 :) She lived in Bergen and I up north of Trondheim and we wrote to each other for many years before we met in 1988. Since then we have met a lot of times and we are still keeping in touch every now and then :) She received this card for her birthday in mid-July.

It was the first time I made this kind of card, but it will certainly not be the last!! This was fun! I love making new things :) I made a pocket to put a tag inside to write the personal message on.
This is how it looks like when it's closed. I used some scrapper's floss to close the card.
That's all for now... NO, by the way, I won Karin's blog candy!!! I was really lucky this time!! I'm so happy. I never win, so I'm so surprised!!! Yay!!! Now I'm looking forward to get all the goodies!! :)

I hope you all have a great day (I will certainly float away on clouds today, smiling, smiling, smiling) ;)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Whiff of Joy Blog Candy

Watch out for this blog candy in Katharina's blog.

The winner of Katharina's blog candy give away gets the complete Whiff of Joy Guardian Angel Collection by Elisabeth Bell ( 4 stamps ) for free
and she (or Whiff of Joy Stamps ) will host a blog candy give away on the winners blog. You can choose the terms and she will sponsor your blog candy with another complete set of the Guardian Angels

Doesn't this sound just awesome!!! Go give it a try right now!!!

ScrappeMania challenge - Et lite ord #3

This my contribution to ScrappeMania's challenge Et lite ord #3 which is due tonight.

These are some pictures from January this year. My family and I went outside in the lovely new snow. It was light and it was quite a lot of it. It was soooo beautiful. Really idyllic! And that's the challenge in ScrappeMania, to make a LO with the word 'idyll'. My word is 'Vinteridyll'. Some snowcrystal-buttons with glitterglue on top.
I got these felt snowcrystals from a present one of my sisters gave me or one of my boys for Christmas one year (last?). This was the right occasion to use them. I love it when I actually manage to use one of all the things I save 'just in case'.
I hope the weather is changing again soon. It has become chillyer and chillyer for everyday lately. I shouldn't have complained when we had the nice sunny days!!! It is too early for the autumn to have started already :(

Hope you all have a nice evening. I am going home soon. My oldest brother and his family are coming for a short visit tonight. I am really looking forward to that!!! :)

Bye-bye for now :)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Summer card

This is a card I made in mid-July. I made six of them, and sent them to all my siblings and my mother :) I love Tilda in the water, she is so cute! The big flower is one I bought in a store here in Norway called Nille. It had something in the middle that I threw away and I put a big brad there instead and of course some glitter glue. On the inside I have used the new swirl from Stempelglede's Grunge Collection. And a text stamp from Anka Design.
The back was made simple. The frame stamp is from 7Gypsies.
It has been a chilly day here today, compared to what we had early last week. But still it was nice and the sun came through after a while too. :)

I have been busy tidying my hobby room lately. It was really high time I did something in there. I could hardly walk in the room. It was messy everywhere!!! But now I have cleaned everywhere (even the ceiling) and it look soooo much better. Still I have some small things left that I have to tidy up before my sister and her family will come next week :)

Well, have a nice evening everyone :)

Monday, August 04, 2008

New Blog Candy

Elin has a blog candy going on in her blog 'Be Creativ'. You can join in untill 9th August :) Go visit her blog today :)

Stempelgal's Blog Candy

Hilde has this great blog candy in her blog. Check it out yourself!

Wylde Woman Award

I received this award from Camilla. Thank you very much!! This means a lot to me!!! :) I love to get awards from other people. Camilla is such a nice and clever girl that it is an honour to get it from her!!!

The rules of this award are:
1. You can give it to one or one hundred or any number in between - it's up to you. Make sure you link to their site in your post.
2. Link back to this blogsite so Tammy can go visit all these wonderful women.
And remember the Purpose of the Award: To send love and acknowledgment to women who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy.

A lot of people deserve this award, and most of them have already got it I guess. But these are the ones I would love to give it to:

Anita, Ila, Aud, Beata Ewa, Bibbi, Caroline, Malin, Therese, Catrine, Carol, Desiree, Dorte, Elisabeth, Ellen, Ellen, Elsi, Åshild, Hanne, Hege, Heidi, Hermine, Inger Marie, Jorunn, Kirsten, Koselig koselig, Kristine, LadyDi, Bente, Lena, Lene, Gudrun, Gunhild, Lene, Lene, Lene, Malin, Line, Line, Lise, Lise, Marianne, Maria, Marte, Marit, Maya, Tessa, Line, Monica, Monica, Sophia, My Paper World, Nina, Olava, Cathrine, Neeta, Silje, Hilde, Kirsten, Surfine, Turid Mari, Angella, Bente, Vibeke, Michelle, ...

Well, that's a lot of super gals deserving this award!!!!

Thank you all for opening your blogs for everyone to see. It is nice of you sharing something for the rest of us to read and look at. :)