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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Whiff of Joy - Challenge #1

Do you like Whiff of Joy's stamps? Do you like to join challenges? Why not join in on Whiff of Joy's new challenge blog? This week we are supposed to follow a sketch made by Katharina Frei, and we have to use a Whiff of Joy stamp ;)

This is my take on this challenge. I made a box to hide a gift certificate inside for a upcoming birthday. This is the front: This is from one of the sides. It looks the same all the way around the sides.
On the lid I have used the sketch. And I have used Oakley with scooter as an image. I have put some bling here and there. The text says 'My friend' and is made by Stempelglede.
This is how it looks on the inside.
This was a fun project to make :) I love to join challenges and am looking forward to see what the next challenge is in Whiff of Joy Challenges.

Monday, September 29, 2008

A Spoon Full of Sugar - Challenge 18

A Spoon Full of Sugar's challenge 18 is called 'So charming'. We can either use charms or a charming character. I have used both. I find this stamp with the baby and the teddybear very charming. It is designed by Kirsten Langebraaten, produced by Marits verden. I sell it in my shop, Kort og godt. The papers are bought in Nille. The babyfeet-charm is also something I sell in my shop and web-shop, The ribbon is something I found in my stash and I think I received it on a present some time ago :)

I have used Katharina Frei's sketch #27 to make this card. I have just rotated it 90 degrees. Inside I used a stamp from Kort&Godt Hobby, and you can find it in my web-shop. The stars and bears is punched out with some old punches and I don't know the producer :)
I have used one corner punch from Fiskars to make the slots on the lower page.

The back. I have used a QuicKutz cookie cutter die to make the circles.
I hope you all have a nice day. The sun is still shining here and now the colours on the leaves are so beautiful. We went for a walk yesterday to a heigth nearby called Kolsåstoppen. We had this beautiful view over the Oslofjord. I took some pictures and I'll show you later on :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008


....what was on my birdfeeder this morning. I have this litte "house" outside my kitchenwindow, and I love to watch the birds when they come to eat. This morning we had a new bird coming to visit (the one on the roof). We had to look it up in our book about birds! Isn't it cute!! And look at the little bird in the bottom left corner. Our dog loves to eat all the seeds and crumbs that fall down on the ground when the birds eat :)
This is what I received from my Danish friend Dorte a couple of days ago. I have already started to colour some of the images :) Thank you very much, Dorte!!

New awards

This time I've got two awards from Martes lille rom. Thank you very much, Marte!! That was such a nice way to start my day.

I want to give these awards to some ladies I just have to visit every day!!


I love your blogs!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Penny Black Saturday challenge #15

Good morning, dear friends. How are you doing this very beautiful morning? Here where I live we have a chilly morning with sun and beautiful autumn colours everywhere. I woke up this morning and outside it was only 5 degrees Celsius. I always take my dog for a brisk walk for half an hour, and nowadays it is just sooo beautiful to see the sun rise making the sky pinkish. It is such a nice way to start the day that I don't mind the chilly weather. You see, I love the autumn! I love it when the temperature is creeping downwards and the colours of the leaves are changing each day. Okey, I will agree that it wouldn't have been the same if it had been raining and windy. But I have learnt that it is just a matter of getting dressed properly. Then I'll enjoy my walk in the rain and wind as well :)

This week in Penny Black Saturday challenge #15 we are supposed to decorate the inside of the card. That wasn't really a challenge for me, since I'm always decorating the inside of the cards I'm making.

But even if the challenge was easy I have used soooo many days on this card. It's just one of those times when you feel that everything is a struggle. Because of the change of the temperature here I have caught a cold, and my head has felt like it has been filled with fluff (just like Whinnie the Pooh ♥). Because of the fluff it has been hard to think properly, and I just haven't been able to do anything without a struggle.

But, now, here is my card. I have used Katharina Frei's sketch #29. I love Katharina's sketches, they are detailed but easy to follow. I used a cute image from Penny Black on the front. I love this cuty kitty! The white paper is from Doodlebug Design, the red paper is from 3ndypapir. I have used QK-alphabet called Metro skinni minis. The ribbons is a left over from the years I lived i South-Korea :)
The inside is decorated with the same papers as the front. I have made it as a folder so I can put a picture in it. On the white paper on the left I have used a corner stamp from one of Stempelglede's Christmas sets. The trees are punched out useing a punch I sell in my web-shop ( the back I have punched out a snowflake with a Marvy Uchida-punch. I have made a circle from the red paper using QK-cookie cutter die, and then put my personal stamp on top of that. The calendar is a stamp from Norsk Stempelblad and you can find it in my web-shop :)
That's it! I have started a new project and will show it as soon as I have finished. And when that will be depends on how much the fluff in my head disturbs me :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Awards - I ♥ your blog + One Sweet Blog

Lise gave me this award a couple of weeks ago. I am very happy to have received it again, but I haven't had time to put it in my blog before now (and I must admit I completely forgot about it as well *embarrased*). Since I already have received it, this time I'll give it to everyone on my blog roll. Check out, if you are there, grab it. You can find the rules here.
Sweet Caroline gave me this award (or I grabbed it *grin* - That is a joke )

I would love to give this one to all my visitors! You all have great blogs and I use hours surfing around on all the blogs every day!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Elin's blog candy

Hey, you really don't want to miss this one!! But hey, if you do I'll have a bigger chance to win *grin*!!! So check this one out before 1st October! And while you are there, check out her creations as well, she is sooooo goooood.

Sukkersøtt #8

This week on Sukkersøtt we are asked to use something that is not intentionally meant for scrapping/cardmaking.

I have used three chocolate-wrapping-foils (from Anthon Bergh :)) Two of them are put behind the image on the front. I used an image from hÄnglar&stÄnglar. I have painted it like a ladybird because I fell in love with a card I saw in Ett Trykk (a Norwegian stamping-magazine) but I don't remember who made that card :(
Update: I have been told that it is Lena Kathrine Øien that made the card I am referring to, and you can find her beautiful creations in her blog here.

This is one of the folder-cards we were challenged to make some weeks ago in the same challenge-blog. I had to find a smart way to close it up after I hade finished it, so I ended up tyeing some scrappers-floss bits on each corner of the top flap. It doesn't look very smart, but it was the only solution I could come up with, with the supplies I had around me :) The text is a stamp from Else Irene Mehling (it translates "Enjoy your day!")
On the inside I have used a text stamp from Else Irene Mehling (it translates "Birthdays are meant to be enjoyed, Enjoy yourself!"), and a swirl scroll stamp from Stempelglede. I have put a chocolate in the folder :)
At the back I have punched out circles using cookie-cutter dice from QuicKutz. The biggest one is punched out of the last chocolate-wrapping-foil, and the smallest one in plain cardstock. I've stamped my personal stamp from Scrapmagasinet in the middle.

Last week I agreed with Karin Hoeve to join her in a challenge of reaching a personal goal in cardmaking. My goal is to make one Christmascard and one Birthdaycard each week. I reached my goal last week, and now I have finished the birthday-part for this week. That means only one more card to go this week :)

Have a nice day everybody visiting my blog! I would love it if you could leave some words behind before you rush off!!

Birthday Blog candy

To celebrate her birthday and 12000 hits Vanessa is giving away a blog candy. She wants us to make girly cards with glitter on for her to watch on our blogs. And here is my girly card :)

I have put glitter on the balloons and her hairband, and all over her dress and socks and boots, so she is really glittering. But of course it doesn't show on the picture :( I have also put some bling on the ribbon.Inside I have used some corner stamps from Prima Marketing. By the way, the lilac paper is gift wrapping paper :)The same gift wrapping paper, and a QK circle with my personal stamp from

Now I'll cross my fingers for me being the lucky one winning the candies :)

By the way, if you want to join in on this one you have to do that before it ends the 28th September.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pretty Pressings Sketch Challenge

Claudia Rosa in Pretty Pressings has a great sketch challenge. I have made this card after her sketch.

Image from Magnolia. I have put a lot of glitter on her hat, skirt and bows but it doesn't show on the picture :( And I have put some bling around the edge of the circle. Inside, right side with swirlscroll from Stempelglede. Retroflowers on the left side.
Personal stamp from is stamped inside one of the circles. I used one of QK's dice.
By the way, if you want to join in the challenge you have to do that before the 27th September.

Please have a nice day. Feel free to leave a message! :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sarah Kay card

Finally I have coloured my first Sarah Kay image. It was so fun. A lot of details, but the image is just sooo cute. I love it!

This card is made for someone I know like blue! She will receive it next week, and hopefully she'll like it! Inside, the swirl is from a QK-stamp set which I got when I bought an alphabet (don't remember the name for the moment).
The back.
Easy peasy! Nothing fancy at all!

Bye-bye for now!

Line's blog candy

Line has a great blog candy giveaway. Go check it out here. It ends the 27th September! This gal makes a lot of nice cards and if you haven't had the time to check out her blog yet this will be a good time!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Beth's Blog candy

Beth has this cute stamp and some other things to giveaway as blog candy!! Join in before 5th October!!

A Spoon Full of Sugar - Challenge 17 (and Whiff of Joy)

Challenge 17 is called Christmas is coming. I have made a card with Katharina's sketch #23. It was a fairly easy sketch to follow. The only thing I have done is to mirror the sketch so it would fit the image I have used.

I chose to use a stamped image of Whiff of Joy's Charlotte with cat. I love that image :)

(By the way, do you like Whiff of Joy and have the urge to become a Guest Designer there, pop over to their blog; here. They are looking for a new Guest Designer and you can apply before 26th September.)

On the inside I have punched out some hearts. I have had some glossy accent on top of them so that's why it's shining :) I have also used some stamps from Stempelglede in the corners.
The back with my personal stamp.

This is my second Christmas-card for this year. I'm quite happy to have started making some

Have a nice day !

I've got mail

Yesterday I received an envelope from Karin. And look what was inside!!!! I am soooo happy I am really lookin forward to using everything!
Thank you so much, Karin! This was so much more than I hoped for! I love every single image and I am really looking forward to sit down and colour them ☺☺☺☺☺☺.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Javablu Award

From Angella I received this great award. Thank you very much, Angella, you are the bestest (I just love the PB stamp that is called that!) :) The rules are:
1. The winner can put the logo in her/his blog.
2. Put a link back to the person who gave you the award.
3. Nominate at least 5 persons with a blog, but first you have to tell why you want to give it to those persons.
4. Put a link to those you have nominated.
5. Visit the blogs to the nominees and tell them you gave them an award!

Here I go!
I want to give this award to persons I love to get visits from in my blog. People who give me a smile on my face when I read their comments. And again people who has blogs that I love to visit and that are important for me as a blogger!

The nominees are:


And of course I could have given it to a lot of other persons as well, but it seems like it has been around already :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Almost the same

When I was planning the blog candy I started making two similar cards. They ended up with the same set up, but with different images, ribbons and papers, oh, and brads.
Card number one is made with an image from Magnolia. The patterned paper is one I won in Karin's blog candy. :) (Thanks, Karin!) The inside with stamps from Magnolia.The back.
Card number two has a different image from Magnolia. And different paper, ribbon and brads.
The inside is the same. The back.

Have a nice day!!

Sukkersøtt #7

This is a card I made for Sukkersøtt's challenge #7. We were given a sketch from Åshild. My first thoughts was that it was a difficult sketch to follow, and I have used so many days to find out how to solve this job. Yesterday I sat down in my scraproom after a PT-meeting at school. Suddenly I just made a card, just like that. I know, it is very clean & simple, but I like it. It is made of paper bought at Nille. The only stamp I have used on the front is the text which translates "Sorry!". The retroflowers are punched out of cardstock from last project! :) The inside:
The back:
Close-up of the flowers:
After a little more than an hour I had made a card!! That feels soooooo goooood! Often I can sit hours puzzling about what papers to use :)

Have a nice day, dear blogging friends!

Hugs, Kristin :) ♥

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The winners are....., just wait a second!

Before I announce the winners of my blog candy I have to thank each and every one of you who have joined. I am overwhelmed at the response I have had because of this giveaway! When I posted the blog candy note I hadn't thought anything about how many would be interessted in it.

I also want to thank all of you visiting my blog not only to join the candy-giveaway, but to look at all my creations. Thanks to all my visitors the last three weeks, my hit-counter has increased from just over 6000 hits to over 11500 hits!!!! I am so happy , and I hope everyone understands that even though I haven't had the time to visit all your blogs I have read all your suuuuper nice comments. I have the intentions of visiting you all!! But if I haven't been to your blog yet, please have me excused. I will try to do my best next time you leave a comment!! Promise!!
Well, so to the winners! I had my two sons pull out one name each out of my hat (my jackaroo hat bought in Australia :) ). The first winner wins the Magnolia stamps from autumn 2007, and that is........................
The second winner wins the Magnolia stamps from spring 2008, and that is......................
Congratulations to both of you!!!
Please e-mail me your snail-mail address so I can ship all the candies to you as soon as possible (

That's it, dear friends! My blog candy is over for now! But, I might come back with another blog candy soon, because it was sooooo much fun to give away some goodies to my visitors So, if you like candies, come back to visit me soon :)

Have a nice day all of you!!

Hugs to you all from me ♥

Monday, September 15, 2008

Two challenges in one go

I have tried Nikki's sketch in A Spoon Full of Sugar's challenge 16. And since I didn't make it in blue, and I used a Penny Black stamp and made it for my brother-in-law it qualifies to go in Penny Black's challenge for this week as well (week 14- A man's card -No blue). :)

The picture makes the card look so dull and boring. When I see it now it looks awfully flat and not nice at all! Please put on your 'glitter-glasses' !! :)

Other stamps are from Lissie Design (text and butterfly). Paper from Treehouse Memories, and cardstock from Cardstock! On the inside I have stamped and cut out more butterflies.
Back was made simple.
That's it folks. I'll be back tomorrow morning with two winners of my blog candy :) You have still another hour to join in before I close the possibility.