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Monday, September 01, 2008

My wolf ♥

This is Ranja. She is a Siberian Husky and she is about 16 months old ♥♥♥
I am completely in love with her, she is soooo cute, can't you tell from these pictures
I shot these pictures yesterday just outside our house. She was tied to our neighbour's fence and she was just sitting there, looking at everything happening around her, and in the end she fell in sleep ♥ I love it when she curls up like this. She looks very much like a wolf normally, but when she lays like this she reminds me of a fox. ♥
I have to admit that she can act very wolfish sometimes and that's why we sometimes call her 'the wolf'' But she is always kind and gentle with our children ♥
Well, have a good day all you visiting my blog ☺☺☺
Kristin ♥♦♣♠


Su said...

Wow he is gorgeous and my other half would be so envious of you as he loves them too. Dont blame you wanting to show it off Su x

Caroline said...

ååh så nydelig!! :) lille ballen, hihi :) ..

Rosette said...

OOhhh isn't she sweet!! I ADORE huskies, they're adorable. But unfortunately as I don't have any gardens etc and I take care of a lot of children, I can't risk to get one!

Michelle said...

Oh what a gorgeous dog!! Huskies are so beautiful!!

I love your blog background ~~ I got mine from the same place, but I didn't see the one you have ~~ so perfect for fall!!!

Lim said...

He's beautiful.I have a small dog, she's a Lhasa Apso and I'm in love with her too. Mine have 3 years old and she's everything to me.
I love those pictures of yours. Really cute. Mine curls like that too. They look so sweet when they have that position.

Camilla said...

Åååå så flott hun er!! Nesten som min gamle Ylva!! ..huskyen jeg hadde da jeg var liten!:) *Sukk* de er så flotte!
Ja kjenner igjen det med å bestille noen stempel, og så var jo de andre ganske fine også.. hehe..!
Ha en koselig kveld!! Både to og firbeinte;)
Klemmer fra Camilla.