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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The good life

I have chosen a picture of my happy family this week. For me all these men and dogs are the GOOD LIFE (det GODE LIV). I love them a lot and can't do without them more than a couple of days. I love what we do together, how we can have fun together, how we stand up for each other, that we can talk about everything with eachother.
Have a good day everyone.
Kristin :)


nessy said...

oh kristin ~what a wonderful photo of your "boys" ~thankyou for sharing
vanessa xx

Petunia said...

Det gode liv er en flott G:) Flott bilde av guttene dine. Jeg vet akkurat hvordan du har det når de er lenge borte. Eldstemann her flyttet ut før jul og jeg synes ikke det var noe særlig, men men. Han bor i nærheten, så vi ser han ofte!

Linanna DESIGNS said...

Good morning Kristin, this is such a lovely family photo. Shame you are not in it as well hunny. I hope you are well , its been good to catch up with all your latest creations. I am hoping to get back to my blogging properly in a couple of weeks, things are still hectic here. You have a great weekend, hugs Linda x

Rosette said...

Wow Kristin, what a beautiful picture!! So nice to see your lovely family! you surely have a lot to be proud of! :))

Hugs xxx

Dawn said...

Aww Kristin what a lovely photo and how great to have such a wonderful family -

Your two dogs look amazing how is Froya doing?