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Friday, May 28, 2010

Captain Jack and boy's birthdaycard

My youngest sun was invited to a birthdayparty for a boy turning 12 years. When they boys are this old they have normally passed the pirate-period they go through. But I had this pirat image already coloured in and some Captain Jack design papers so I decided to go for a pirate theme anyway! :-)

The rolled up paper on the front of the card is a cut out from one of the design papers. This is what you can read if you roll out the paper; Captain Jack's pirate code.

The insides. On the left I have made room for my son to put a money note (for the photo I put a folded Post-It! paper).

Simple back, with my personal stamp.

Today I will make another birthdaycard. I still have a couple of orders from costumers to make. And I do have some cards I need to make for myself as well. After a very slow cardmaking time this winter/spring I have had a busy time lately. Hopefully I will have the time to make them all in time. :-)

Well, I hope you all will have a great Friday. Thanks for looking.

Kristin :-)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birthdaycard for my mum

On Sunday my mum had her birthday. I sent her this card and a book. Hopefully she liked both. :)

I simply love this Penny Black-cat and I have used it several times both on male and female cards. I love the stamps in my collection which I can use for more than one type of card.

Thanks for looking. Have a great Tuesday.

Hugs, Kristin :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lovely, warm days

The last two days have been really warm and nice. It's been summer temperature with 23 degrees today. Simply love that I don't have to put on a ton of clothes. My dogs don't like it that much. We can't go for very long walks when it's like this. Well, my oldest dog can't go for walks at all for the time being. She hurt one of her paws, or legs, in February/March and it still isn't okay. Next week I will take her to the vet again, and hopefully the x-ray will tell us that she is fine. But my hopes are not high. :(

Thanks for visiting. Have a nice day where you are!

Hugs, Kristin :)

Birthdaycard for a woman

I am back already!! Yay! I have some minutes free before I have to run some errands.

This is a card I made for a customer. The receiver of the card is a woman turning 70 soon.

The background is made of a Penny Black-stamp. I had to stamp several times to cover the whole card, both the front and the back.
The image is a stamp I bought last autumn but this is the first time I have used it. It's also from Penny Black.

Since I have used a lot of flowers on the card I think it is perfect to join this week's challenge on Penny Black Saturday challenge. The challenge is "Flowers".

The inside is with a photo of the woman turning 70.

The back with the selfmade background.

Today we have a great day. The sun is shining from a blue sky, with just a few clouds. Hopefully it will stay like this for some days now.
My boys were really satisified with me this morning because I let them put on some short pants and T-shirts! The summer is here! Well, at least for a short while.

Hope you are having a great day where you are.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Hugs, Kristin :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Girl's birthdaycard

Hi there, dear blogging friend! Long time, no see! I have been very abscent lately. The time hasn't been on my side. I've had the time to make some cards but I just haven't had the time to sit down and blog. I kind of miss you all and I hope you are doing all right.

Well, this is a card I made for my niece in April. She received it a bit late for her birthday, so on the inside I stamped the text....

..."I haven't forgotten your birthday...I just didn't remember it in time!"
and "Happy belated birthday!"

I just love this personal stamp!

I do have some more cards I haven't showed you yet and hopefully I will have the time to sit down and blog again soon. I hope maybe tomorrow :)

Have a great time, and I'm glad you came to visit my blog.

Bye for now.

Hugs, Kristin :)