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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Invites for a lady

These are some invites I made for a customer.
12 all together.

The front looks like this.
The blue is kind of a blueberry blue. All of the swirls are stamped in silver. The ribbon on the belt is also in silver.

This is how it looks like without the belt on.

Something happened again and the picture ended up pretty squashed up after I uploaded it. Sorry for this, hope you still can see how it looks.

The back without the belt.

The back with the belt.

Yesterday I bought myself a new bike. I will go and get it in a couple of hours. They had to mount some equipment I missed on my last bike. I am looking forward to getting my own fancy bike. It's not a mountain bike, but one of these hybrid bikes you can ride both on tarmac and dirtroads. I will use it to go to and from work. I'll show a picture of it soon :)

Have a great evening.

Hugs, Kristin :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vintagecard for a lady

Tuesday already, and it's late afternoon. My morning has been really busy... hehe...NOT! I finished reading a book written by Rick Riordan, it's called "Percy Jackson and the Titan's curse". It's more a book for children or teenagers, but I loved reading it. I loved reading Harry Potter too, and Percy Jackson reminds me of him. I really recommend this series of book if you've got children at the age of 12 and up, or if you like fantasy-books yourself.

I took my boys to the hairdresser today, and they really needed to have a haircut. It's good to finally be able to see their eyes again. :)

The card I'm showing you today was ordered by a friend of mine. She wanted a card for her mother-in-law. I thought it would be fun to use this vintagephoto, and I tried to make the rest of the card kind of vintage too. I'm no good at making vintage cards, but it was fun to at least try.

Something went wrong when I uploaded this picture. It all got kind of squashed so it look pretty weird.

I thought the designpaper was pretty enough to not put anything extra on the back of the card.

Tonight I'll take my sons to the cinema. It's been ages since I took them there. It's so expensive to buy the tickets for the whole family so we've always ended up buying the DVD instead.

Hope you'll have a great evening.

Hugs, Kristin :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Black, white and red for a lady

Hello there! Today is a great day, the sun is shining from a blue sky, the temperature is soon  18 degrees Celsius (and it's still early so it will be warmer) and the wind has finally disappeared.
I have started my summer vacation, and I have 3,5 weeks in front of me with hardly any plans. We will go on some daytrips but nothing that requires a lot of driving.
I might even get some time to make some cards :-)

This is a card I made for a customer. The lady who received it is someone who's very elegant and who's always wearing black and white with accents in red (or another colour).
The red flowers on the front are cut out and put on 3D-foam to make it stand out.
The insides.

The back.

I have decided that I will have a blog candy soon. The reason is that my blogoversary was not long ago, and I have had over 40000 visitors on my blog. I will let you know when everything is ready.

Have a great day!

Hugs, Kristin :-)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Old Norwegian coins

Good morning, dear blog friends. How is your day?
My day is fine, the sun is shining, the temperature outside is pretty okay. A wind is blowing, making it colder than it really is. But apart from that it is nice! :) Things like this makes me feel good! Oh yeah!

Thanks for the nice comments from those of you commenting about my dog's condition (in my last post). She really is fine right now, and I am enjoying every day with her.

The card I'm showing you today is a card made for a man. A colleague asked me to make a malecard for a man turning 60 years. One of the big hobbies for this man is to collect old coins, so then I thought it would be fun to put some old Norwegian coins on the card. Luckily I had a jar full of old 10-øre coins. We stopped using them in the early 90ies.

All the papers I've used are from Panduro. On the left side I've used an old clothes tag.

A simple back.

I will soon start my summer holidays. Only two more days to go!! Yuhuu!
This year I really haven't got any plans, except going to Germany to visit my sister. I will go alone, but all of my sisters are coming down there. I'm really, really looking forward to this.

Have a great day! Hope to see you soon!

Kristin :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Girls' birthdayparty invites

One of my colleagues asked me to make some invites for her daughters' birthdayparty. Since I have boys myself I think it is fun to make something really girly, so of course I said yes.

The birthdayparty was a dress-up party and this stamp image from Panduro was just perfect for the invites.

This is the front with the cute girl.

The insides. My colleagues' daughters turned 2 years and 4 years hence the numbers on the left side. :)

The back was made simple.

My colleague told me that when she showed the invites to her oldest daughter the girl wanted to keep them herself because she liked them so much. :)

We got some really sad news from our veterinary two weeks ago. I have told you that my oldest dog has had some troubles with her paw/leg for quite a long time now, and the last x-ray gave us some answers why. To confirm what the x-ray indicated we asked the vet to take a biopsy of our dog's legbone as well and I am afraid the results were not good. My lovely three year old Siberian Husky has got bone cancer!!

I have been crying a lot! It is so unfair that a otherwise healthy and young dog have to die! Because against this type of cancer there is nothing to do. All we can do now is to give her pain-killers to reduce the pain, and when we see that she is not a happy dog any more we will have to put her to a final sleep. Gee, I just cry thinking about it.  Sorry for being so negative, but life kind of sucks now!!

When my guinnea pig died in March this year I cried a lot, but since he was old I told myself it was naturally for him to die now. Then I thought about how I would react when one of my dogs were going to die in 8-9 years from now. I was sure that I would cry even more. I had no idea that I actually would experience this only some months later. And I have cried a lot just getting the bad news about her illness. I am sure I will have some terrible days when we have to take to the vet for the last time.

I tell you; It's not JUST a dog. It's MY dog, she is my walking buddy, my friend, my furry daughter, and I love her soooooo much.

Sad regards,
Kristin ♥