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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Farewell to my boss

This card was made for my boss. She was starting in a new job and was leaving us.

I had just bought these stamps and thought they would be perfect for my boss and her new life.

A very simple card this time. Sometimes I just haven't got the energy or time to be real creative. I just have to make a card because a really want to give away a homemade card.

Birthdaycard for a boy

I have learned to know a woman who has ordered a lot of cards from me. This is one of these cards.
I'm always challenged to make special cards, because she likes to give away cards that you cannot find in the stores. I like these challenges since I have to think outside my comfortzone. :-)

The front. It's supposed to look like a car.

Inside of the card. I have stamped cupcakes all over the background.

The back. I made the backgroundpaper myself.

I am still showing you cards I made last year. From October last year till February this year I didn't make any cards because we moved houses. But now I have started to make some really simple cards again. It feels good to be back in card business again. I enjoy to be creative and it gives me some time to relax and not think about anything but what I'm creating.

Have a great day.